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The Frankston Haunting

January 2006

We lived in Cranbourne Rd, Frankston, Victoria, Australia. The first couple of weeks weren't too bad, it was the middle of summer and I liked that no matter how hot it was outside, my bedroom always felt like you just entered a freezer!

The house was an old house, I would estimate at the time it was about 80 years old and had a lot of renovations done to it. When you walked in the front door you were met with a passageway which led straight to the back door, off the passage way when you first walked in, there was a door immediately to your left which was Nicholas' and Matthew's bedroom, opposite that door was another door that led to the master bedroom, which was my bedroom. Just past my bedroom you were greeted with the large lounge room, I don't think it had always been a lounge room as it only had one small window in it and was pretty dull, but the major eye catcher was the gigantic fireplace. I also had a fireplace in my bedroom. The door of the lounge room led to the newly huge renovated kitchen, which had another door to the right which led back into the passageway. Passageway opposite the kitchen was Nick's bedroom, and at the end of the passageway, to the right was the laundry and to the left was the bathroom. When you walked out the door you would see one of the largest backyards in Frankston The house was also opposite the Frankston Cemetery, which was the view I got when I opened my blinds everyday!

At first it was small things, like my car keys going missing and later on finding them in the freezer. That happened a lot to all of us! The front door would knock and when you answered it, no-one would be there. As soon as you closed the door it would happen again, you would open the door and still no-one would be there. The front door was a double glass door and sometimes you could see the silhouette of a man standing there, but when you opened the door he would not be there.

There was something about Nicholas' (my brother) and Matthew's (my son) bedroom, when you walked into that room it felt like a thousand people were staring at you, right through you, it felt like someone had poured a bucket of ice down your back. I moved Matt into my bedroom and Nick (my father) put Nicholas into his room and we made that room a junk room and would not enter it unless we absolutely had to!

Over the weeks bigger events started to take place. Without fail every morning at 2am, all the lights and electrical equipment turned on in the lounge room, it woke the whole house up every morning. The stereo would be full volume as would the TV. Nick checked the wiring and it was all good, so it was not a wiring fault.

I used to have a Celtic cross that lay on my bedside table, every morning when I woke up it was turned upside down.

I ended up having to put Matthew to sleep between Dragan(my boyfriend) and I, because each morning his bassinet was drenched in water, but Matthew was dry. Soon we were hearing Nicholas calling us, and when we went to him and asked him what he wanted he said "nothing, I did not call you". Once I heard Nicholas call for his father, Nick heard it too, it was coming from the kitchen, however, Nicholas was in the bedroom with me!

Early hours of the morning, I had to feed Matt, which meant I had to get up and make my way to the kitchen to heat up his bottle. Usually Dragan would get up with me because he knew I did not like going in there alone. This time, I could not wake Dragan up, no matter what I tried; even Matt's crying would not budge him. I could not leave Matt hungry, so I made my way to the kitchen on my own to make his bottle. As I was making his bottle up, I did not feel alone in there, when I was just about to head back into the bedroom to feed Matt, I saw three older men in top hats and coat tails smoking cigars in the passageway. That freaked me out a little, I eventually woke Dragan up after I had fed Matt and put him back to sleep and told him what I had seen. He did not fully believe me until a few days later when he actually saw it for himself.

The passageway was carpeted, but at night we could hear men's boots walking up and down the hallway, they were walking on floorboards!

One day Nick, Dragan and I were in the kitchen having a meeting about what was going on in the house. As soon as we started to talk about it, we could all clearly hear moaning and groaning coming from inside the roof, it sounded like an injured woman! Nick climbed the man hole and went into the roof to check if we had rats, possums or something else! But nothing was up there, not even the dust was disturbed.

From that day onward, the moaning and groaning became a regular feature in the house.

When we had been there for over three months, our next door neighbours told us we were the longest residents to have ever stayed in that house!

Things did not let up; in fact it only got worse. The foot steps, the groaning, the thousand eyes room, our names being called, the knocks at the door, the wet bassinet, our items going missing only to turn up in strange places later, the lounge room coming alive at 2am every morning, my cross being turned up side down still occurred but whatever was there thought they would have more fun with us!

My bedroom was always freezing, no matter what the temperature was outside, if I tried to light a fire in the fireplace, it would just fizzle out in seconds, but I never had a problem lighting up the fireplace in the lounge room. Almost everyone including myself always got a throbbing headache as soon as you entered my bedroom. I bought a small electrical heater for my room, as it was always cold in there. I would turn it on; it would blow out heat for about 10 seconds before it would switch itself off. The best way to enter my room in winter was to either put on gloves, a scarf and hat or get yourself warm by the fireplace in the lounge room and hop straight into bed, which I had covered with two thick doona's.

Then came the whisperings in the pillow, it happened to Nick, Dragan and I. So I knew I was not the only one going mad! As soon as your head hit the pillow, you would hear like 5 or 6 people whispering to you at once, you had no idea what they were saying though! Items of furniture would move on their own accord right in front of you, Nick who was and still is a painter, his paintings would fly off the wall and land on the other side of his bedroom.

If we had visitors, they never stayed long, they would hear or see something and that would be enough for them. My best friend Lisa only visited me once, that was enough for her, my house gave her nightmares. She did not see anything, but she heard the moaning and groaning from the lady in the roof.

Lisa went into labour with her first child, she called me and Dragan and I made the long trip into the city hospital. I was there in that hospital with Lisa for 16 hours, beside her while she struggled to give birth. She had a difficult long labour and I did not leave her side. Dragan and I were there all night and most of the next day.

When we made our way home later that afternoon, Nick asked me if I had come home anytime the evening before. I told him I had not been home at all; I had been at the hospital with Lisa all this time. He then told me, to be in for a shock when I enter my bed room then, and went on to explain what had happened the night before.

Nick was painting in his bedroom the night before, Nicholas was with him and Nick wanted some music to entertain him while he was painting. He walked into my bedroom and he noticed my bedroom was neat and tidy, bed was made, clothes put away etc. He made his way with my stereo back to his room, and not long after he could hear "Crash, Bang, Crash" coming from my room, he thought I had come home and came to my bedroom to say hello. When he opened my bedroom door, my bedroom was trashed, the sheet and doona's had been ripped off my bed, all my drawers had been pulled out, all my clothes were strewn all over the floor. All the contents from the top of my dressing table had been knocked onto the floor.

Nick thought I had come home, made a mess of my room searching for something and left again without saying hello or goodbye.

I had not been home at all, so it was not me who trashed my bedroom! When Dragan and I entered our room, our jaws hit the floor, nothing prepared me for the huge mess I was about to see and had to clean up. And my cross was up side down again!

My step mother, Jackie came to stay for a few days, Dragan and I were shopping in Frankston and Nick had gone out for the day, leaving Jackie there by herself, she did not believe in ghosts, but something quickly changed her mind that day!

When Dragan and I got home, the front door was wide open and Jackie was nowhere to be found. She called not long after to make sure someone was home; she had fled and went to a friend's house that lived a few streets away.

She did not want to come back into the house, but said she would only if someone was there with her, as she never wanted to be there by herself again in that house.

When she got back she explained she heard strange groaning noises, like a woman in agony coming from the roof. She also saw a black mass float past her. That's when she ran out!

Dragan called his aunt who was a witch, she told him a spell in Serbian and the ingredients to get to make whatever was there go away! I did not know this spell but hoped it would work!

Dragan got the ingredients ready, stood at the open back door, said some incantation in Serbian and threw stones out the back door, said more mumble jumble in Serbian and then threw out more stones.

I was standing behind him while he was doing this, and I kid you not, the floor which we were standing on rose about 2 feet above ground! I freaked out but had to remain silent.

Over the next three weeks, our house seemed like it was clean, we could smell roses instead of death, that was until Dragan and I arrived home late one evening. We pulled up in the back yard and when I looked at the house I told him I did not want to enter it. I told him something bad was in there. He told me, it had gone. I refused to get out of the car, but eventually I made it as far as the back door. Next to the back door was the laundry window, in that window both Dragan and I saw two red eyes glaring at us. I ran back to the car as did Dragan, and we got out of there. We went and spent the night at his grandfather's place in Fitzroy, an hour away!

The next day. We went back only to collect our belongings and left for good.

Nick stayed in the house on his own for a further six months. He and his friend, Shane, were sitting in the lounge room one day and they both saw the black mass float through the lounge room, it floated straight in between them and faded into the wall behind them, going into the room of a thousand eyes! Shane got up and ran out; it scared the daylights out of him.

Another time when Nick was sick and could not get out of bed for days, the house went wild. He could constantly hear people walking up and down the passage way, he said it was like he had a constant party going on there!

I would go back and visit but never would I visit at night. Finally Nick moved out and moved elsewhere.

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