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The Friendly Spirit

Jason, Ohio, USA
June 2000

Ihave always been interested in ghost stories, but never really had any experiences with them.

My wife and I recently rented the upstairs of a house. My mother and brother live on the first floor. The house needed a lot of work, so sometimes I would be there painting alone, and just always see stuff out of the corner of my eye. My mom said she would see the same stuff to. After we moved in, I could always hear footsteps at night, and in the attic, but it could be just the house settling, although they sounded like walking to me.

Well on to my experience. Everyone was home except my mother, and she got home late. When she came home she noticed one of her glass decorations had fallen and broken. The big pieces were picked up and put on an end table, but the small pieces were still on the ground, and she wondered why my brother didn't finish cleaning it up. The next day she called him, and he said he didn't clean any of it up, he didn't even know it fell. She asked me and my wife we had no idea it fell either. The only other person there is our dog, and he couldn't have picked the glass up. Now we wonder how this glass got picked up.

Anyway that's my story, not really scary, just interesting. I'd like to find out the history of the house, but don't know where to look.

Jason, Ohio, USA
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