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The Fry Street House

Stacey Powers, Denton, Texas, USA
September 1998

Fry Street, Denton, Texas. Home of the strange and peculiar. There was this abandoned house I lived in for about 6 months a few years back everyone called the Mckinney House.This house dates back to about 1900 or so, thus it has a history of some sort. One of the rumors around Fry Street is that three people were killed there. I have seen three spirits in that house. The first was a child, I'd say he was about 8. He liked to go around the first and second floors and point out new bits and pieces of trash that the local college students would leave around the house. Another spirit I had seen there "lives" in the third floor and the attic. She cannot go downstairs for reasons unknown to all around the area. While living in the house There were no real bathroom facilities so I had to use the floor (not to gross anyone out but I was homeless). One night I looked up while I was in the attic, and a white mist appeared in front of me. It was watching me, I think the specter had some sort of empathy for me or something. But I was freaked out, but my boyfriend at the time said there was nothing to worry about. "She wont hurt you" he told me. But after that experience I was real leery when it came to my body functions in that house. I saw one other ghost in that house, I presume it was the father. My boyfriend and I were sitting on a balcony of this house and when I looked inside the house there in the doorway stood an 8 foot tall apparition. One night my boyfriend and I found a different place in the house to stay in, a little cubby hole room I guess you'd call it. Well one night we were trying to sleep and I heard three taps at the door to the room. Being an abandoned trashed house we would have heard someone come into the house, we heard no footsteps that night. I tapped at the floor a couple of times and whatever it was tapped at the door that many times. Tired of this game I told it "You're a ghost, if you want in that bad walk through the wall. Otherwise go away!" I think that made the spirit mad. The next thing we heard was a loud crash at one of the remaining windows on the second floor. There was no one else in the house.

Soon after, I'd say a month or two later we moved out of the house finding a somewhat more suitable place to rest our heads. But I will never forget that house.

Stacey Powers, Denton, Texas, USA
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