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The Garage

January 2005

It had been about 2 weeks since we had moved in to our house and we still had our things in boxes. My dad had decided to leave all the boxes in the living room since it had more space. My mom was unpacking and I was just being nosey and going through every box. I remember I was sitting down on the couch and I had the feeling that someone was looking at me. I looked towards the kitchen and on the doorway was a man dressed in a trench coat. As soon as he saw me look at him he ran towards the garage (room). I got up as fast as I could and ran towards my moms side and told her what I had seen. My mom is a woman that is very superstitious so she believed me. But she just told me to forget about it that it wasn't anything bad.

I forgot about it, but about a year later two of my moms friends decided to move in with us. They were both around their mid 20's and they were both sisters. There was no more rooms so my mom told them they could sleep in the room that used to be the garage. They slept fine for the first few nights but then weird stuff started happening to them. One of the sisters told my mom that she had just gotten into bed when she turned around to face the wall and she felt someone breathing really heavy in her face. She got up and turned on the light but saw nothing. So she turned off the light and started walking back to her bed when she saw that in front of the window was a figure of a man standing in front of her bed.

She told my mother that she couldn't move and that she couldn't call for her sister. She said she felt real heavy when she saw him, like she was being weighed down by rocks and she couldn't move.

The second sister told us that she would loose her lingerie and her rings. Things that are only for women, she said she would leave them somewhere and when she would go back to get them she couldn't find them. One day she was cleaning the room when she moved her dresser and she noticed that there was a box behind the dresser. She picked it up and opened it, inside were her rings and her lingerie, she also said that when she opened it the scent of mens cologne filled the air. She automatically thought it had been her sister and she confronted her about it. When her sister denied it she remembered what her sister had been experiencing and decided that it was the ghost they had in their room.

They soon moved out.

My aunt and her husband have moved in to the room but they haven't experienced anything, although my aunt says that once during the night she felt someone caressing her face, she thought it was my uncle but when she awoke he was fast asleep, she didn't think much of it I guess because she just went back to sleep.

Even though I haven't experienced anything else I still don't like that room, I only go in it when someone else is with me or when one of my family members is with me. I have had dreams about that room and how I was trying to go in it but there is a man standing in the doorway just looking at me not letting me go in. Also another dream is that I am leaving the room when I feel him pull me back into the room and he wont let me get out. I don't know if to think of it as just a dream or as something else.?

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