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The German Soldier

September 2007

This is my story and it is completely true, as I experienced it myself.

I live in the city right next to a house that was used by Gestapo during World War Two... And that house has not been used for anything the last 60 years... So one day I wanted to go inside to have a look.

I went with a flashlight, a picklock and a box. (in case I found something to collect) And after a short while, I found the backdoor... I picked it open and went in. The first thing that I noticed was that it was rather cold in there... But I just thought to myself that it had been empty for 60 years, so nothing unusual here. I organized myself while my eyes got used to the pitch darkness in there.
I noticed the stairs both upwards and downwards. I thought that the natural place to find something must have been the basement, so I went down...

When I got down into the basement I got a feeling that something just wasn't right. And then I heard the first thing that really freaked me out. A dying scream.
I can't describe it, just heart wrenching screaming. I backed out a couple of feet but pulled myself together and kept going.

I came to a room after a short half minute (I walked pretty slow because I was scared stiff). The room was empty, but there were signs of torture there. Bloodstains on the wall etc. And then I noticed a new "passage" out of the torture room. But as soon as I saw it, something crashed behind me. I turned very slowly, but reacted with a smile when I saw that it was only a piece of a stone that had fallen down. I just said to myself that I had to stop being such a wimp and continued towards the new passage. But when my flashlight hit the passage the second time, there was somebody there.
A normal sized man about 8 yards away with a German Wehrmacht uniform staring right at me. I can remember him well. He was the scariest thing I have ever seen so I should remember him.

He was about 175cm tall (about 5.8-9ft) and he had a rifle in his hands. He was also pale in his skin. All white and cold. But the thing I remember the most is that he had no eyes. Where there should have been eyes there was just empty spaces. I stood there paralyzed for about two seconds. Just watching him. Horrified. And then he raised his left arm (right from my side) and said something like: "Helmut... Kommen sie hier!" or in English: "Helmut... Come here!" The last he screamed so I felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise. But his mouth didn't move while he screamed at me! When he spoke I just panicked more than ever, I screamed at him and ran up the stairs and out, never looking back.

What I noticed the day after was that I had dropped the flashlight, picklock and my box but I don't dare to enter that house any more.

That was my story.
I can still remember him well, and I dream of him often. But he always raises his arm and calls out what he said to me and then I wake up.
The reason I know he said what he said is because of the dreams.

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