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The Ghost And Her Baby

September 2002

I was never one to believe in ghosts or the supernatural. I have since been convinced that there is truly something out there.

Two years ago my husband and I moved into a big beautiful Victorian house. The house has a wrap around porch and a small barn in the back that serves as a garage. The attic has been finished and now is a large wreck room with a bedroom/storage room (we use it for storage). The doors throughout the house all have the old locks that lock from either side with a skeleton key. The front and back doors have been updated with newer locks and deadbolts but the old locks to this day remain. I keep the skeleton key locked in my jewelry safe, and it is the only one. (This will be important later)

We lived in the house for little over a year with out anything out of the ordinary happening. The following march I gave birth to my twins, daughter and son. Shortly after they came home from the hospital we started noticing strange happenings.

I was the first to notice strange sounds in the middle of the night; after all I was the one up for the 2 o'clock feedings. The first sounds I thought were nothing more than the normal old house sounds, creaking, thumping etc. This happened for a few nights and although I was not afraid, the sounds were a little unnerving.

About two weeks after the twins came home I was up in the middle of the night, I had just fed my daughter and put her back to bed and was getting my son ready to eat when I heard the distinct sound of the floorboards creaking and footsteps towards the door. I turned around just in time to see the door slam shut and the lock turn. I ran to the door, turned the knob and pulled, but the door wouldn't open. Shaken I went ahead and fed my son. I still couldn't get out of the room so I slept in the rocking chair until my husband came and rescued us in the morning.

I took the nursery door off the hinges that next day.

A few weeks later everything had settled back down. I was going about my normal afternoon routine; I had put the kids down for their nap and was getting my husband's lunch ready. We heard a baby crying so Mike went up to the nursery while I stayed downstairs in the kitchen. A few minutes later he came running down with both babies and he was as white as a sheet. He later told me that there was a woman holding a baby (not one of ours) standing over my daughter's crib, incidentally both of our babies were asleep until my husband grabbed them up and made a break for it.

After that it was a very normal occurrence to hear a woman wailing and crying, baby screams that were not ours, doors slamming, doors locking, moans, etc. You name it we heard it.

We ended up moving the cribs to our bedroom and not using the nursery any longer.

We still see the ghostly woman holding her ghostly baby from time to time, sometimes in the nursery, and sometimes walking the halls.

Recently we were told a story about the house by a neighbor.

Supposedly the house was built for a young family. They had a baby girl. One day the nanny was giving the baby a bath and stepped out for a moment. When she came back the baby had drowned. Shortly after the distraught mother hung herself in the attic bedroom. We don't know how true any of that is but it made sense to us.

We still live in the house. As our children have gotten older the hauntings have become fewer, but I am pregnant again!

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