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The Ghost Beyond The Basement Door

Megan, KY, USA
October 2007

I am Megan and I will tell you my encounters of a ghost who lives in my basement, also his friend who rings the doorbell every now and then...

My first encounter with the ghost I call "Bob" was, of course, in the basement.

One night, I was walking downstairs to get my clothes when I had felt that I was being watched from the side of me. Once I turned, there was a sudden burst of cold wind right in front of me. I asked who was there, but no reply. I asked one more time, still no reply. Since no one answered, I just turned back to my laundry business. From the corner of my eye I saw a figure of a little boy or a girl. But as soon as I turned to look, the little figure disappeared.

My next encounter was a week later, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and no one was there. I started to look around to see if someone was pranking me, but no one was there. Also we checked the wires and nothing seemed wrong.
The next day, it rang again, like if Bob, the ghost, had a friend coming over. Well I was goofing off and I opened the door like I was letting him or her in. Another gust of wind flew right past me as if someone really did come in. I went outside to check the wind, nothing.

A few days from the doorbell encounter, I had a friend over who's name I will not mention. After I told her what had happened, we went downstairs to see if Bob would stare. He did but my friend didn't feel anything, so we decided to go upstairs. Suddenly I looked in the basement corner and it seemed as if Bob was there, with a friend. I had a sudden chill looking at the two figures. I was so scared I ran up the stairs to my friend and she said "You look like you've seen a ghost. What happened?" I didn't say anything though.

Two years from then, I went back downstairs to get my laundry and from the corner of my eye, there was Bob. I turned and waved. And he waved back! I asked who he was but my mother started coming down the stairs. I looked away to my mother, then looked back and he was gone.

I still get stared at while I am walking back up the stairs, but I think that Bob is just looking out for me. The doorbell actually stopped ringing after my last encounter with Bob. And I know Bob is always here for me. Even if I start crying down there, I feel an arm around me. Bob is still at my house and I hope that he will stay there until I die.

Megan, KY, USA
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