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The Ghost Chair

Heather, MO, USA
July 2006

I do believe in the paranormal, and consider myself to be somewhat a sensitive. Our house is a hotspot of activity, and we have had to have it blessed on more than one occasion.
To this day, it brings tears to my eyes and a chill up my spine to tell this story. Not one part it is fabricated.

In our living room we had a chair sitting next to the window, facing out from the corner. Recently we had had to move it fairly often because it kept getting turned to face the window.

Early one morning, after spending the night on our couch, my friend Lindsay was preparing to leave and noticed my girlfriend Silvia sitting in the chair looking out the window. Lindsay said goodbye to Silvia and when she didn't respond Lindsay figured she had fallen asleep in the chair, since it wasn't yet light outside.

After work that day we all regrouped at the house and Lindsay asked Silvia why she had fallen asleep in that chair. Of course, Silvia had no idea what Lindsay was talking about. After describing the person, spirit, whatever, Silvia came to the conclusion that it was her Grandmother whom had passed on only a few months before.

A few days later, after quite a bit more activity and sleepless nights, for these spirits are NOT quiet, something very unsettling happened.

It was a clear, warm day. Lindsay, my seven year old daughter, and I were hanging out at home. My daughter was playing outside and was not witness to this event. Lindsay and I were discussing the chair and I said "Let's try something". I moved the chair from it's position facing the window so that it faced into the room again, and jokingly said "If there is someone here, please show us by moving this chair back to face the window again." Lindsay and I had a laugh and then proceeded to go outside with my daughter. Not a minute later, realizing I had left my watch inside, and needing to keep an eye on the time, I re-entered the house to get it. As soon as I walked in the door, I looked at the chair, and chills ran up my spine...It was facing looking out the window into the street, and not one of us had been inside at the time. I have to confess, I screamed, even having had all of the experiences I have had, I still screamed. That was the eeriest feeling in the world, for I have never before communicated with a spirit, and although it was indirect, I got a response and that chills me to the core.

Heather, MO, USA
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