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The Ghost House

October 2007

To start with I must say this is not my story but my great, great aunt's experience. This is 100 % true and it is not scary at all, but weird.

My great, great aunt was on her way to a dinner party in Suffolk. She had lost her way and saw a house, down a drive, and decided to ask for directions. She knocked on the door and a butler came. She asked for directions and without saying a word he pointed directions. She thanked the butler and gave him a sixpence. So she got in her car and drove away. She apologised on arrival for being late, and explained what had happened. She was told she must have been mistaken for there had been no house where she had described as the house that had been there had been burnt down many years ago. The following day my great, great aunt decided to see if she could find the old house. She found the place and drove up the drive. The people at the party were right because there was an old burnt down house and on the front doorstep she found the sixpence she gave the butler the night before.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story, I certainly enjoyed sharing it with you!

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