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The Ghost In Boots

Texas, USA
May 1999

This is not really a story, just a sighting. But interesting all the same. When my fiance was either 4 or 5 years old, (about 37years ago) he was attending a church function at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Karnes City, Texas. He was playing around outside with 2 of his cousins who were slightly younger than he was.

A new church had been built by the old church, the old church being a wooden structure, then only used for storage. He said the 3 of them knew they weren't supposed to go into the old church, but the adults weren't watching, so they went inside, maybe to play hide-n-seek.

They went into a room where clothing donated for distribution was being stored. The clothing was piled on 3 or 4 tables. The first thing they noticed was that the clothes on one table were shaking violently.

The windows were not open, and there were no fans. Only the clothes on this one table were shaking. And there was a lady sorting through the clothes. She was transparent. But my fiance could see that she was a grandmotherly-looking sort of lady, with her hair in a bun, and wearing a high- necked dress. She paid no attention to the three little boys.

This scared all three of them silly! They ran out immediately and tried to tell the adults about it. But the adults all said that no one was in the building and they weren't supposed to be in there, either.

Texas, USA
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