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The Ghost of a Little Girl

Autumn McGarity, Florida, USA
October 1999

Afew summers ago, my family and I flew up to Tennessee to see my grandma. We stayed in her house for a week, to save money on a hotel. First off, I guess I should tell you about the house. You see, it's haunted by the ghost of a thirteen year-old girl who died there in the early seventies. The little girl was playing at her neighbor's house, when the neighbor's dad came home drunk. He raped the young girl and then killed her. My grandmother says that she's seen the little girl on numerous occasions.

My first encounter with the little girl was when I went downstairs to the bedroom (that my grandma uses as a storage room, since she lives by herself) where the little girl was killed and raped. My grandma's washer and dryer were in the room and she wanted me to throw a towel in the washer. So I went downstairs, and pushed open the door the the bedroom. I was greeted abruptly with a cold gust of air. The room, was unnaturally cold and lonely presence, not like the rest of the house which was warm and cheery. I quickly walked over to the washer and threw the towel in. I turned around, and all of the sudden the door slammed shut. I looked up to see if the was any fans or air vents that could have blown the door shut and there wasn't. I was pretty freaked so I swung the door open and climbed quickly up the stairs.

My second encounter was equally or even more frightening than the first one. I was lying in bed staring blankly up at the ceiling, silently praying. I turned over on my side (now facing the doorway) and I had just started to drift off, when all of the sudden I heard footsteps. I thought it was my sister and I was about to ask her what she wanted, but when I opened my eyes I was shocked to find that it was not her, but a dark haired little girl. She looked very pale and sickly. Her hair was to her elbows and she was very frail, but pretty. She had a blank expression on her pale little face and kept whispering a word over and over to herself, but I could not hear it. I wanted to ask her who she was, how did she get here, etc...but I couldn't speak. Before I could sputter out a word, she vanished. I was shaken, but I remained in bed, too scared to move.

I told my grandma what had happened the next morning, and she said that she has had that happen in the past also.

Autumn McGarity, Florida, USA
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