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The Ghost of Aircraft 1512

David, CA, USA
July 2001

I've been working on military aircraft for quite a few years now and while I've worked on them, there seems to be a story that persists about one of the airplanes being haunted.

The aircraft has an identification number (or "tail number") of 1512. The story goes that prior to a flight from the United Kingdom heading back home, some of the ground crew of 1512 went on an all night drinking binge. After the plane took off, one of the heavy drinkers climbed in a crew rest bunk in the back of the airplane to sleep it off. When another crew member went to check on him a few hours into the flight, they found him dead in his bunk. They say his spirit still inhabits the aircraft.

Some people have claimed to hear strange tapping or sometimes tuneless humming when they are alone on the airplane.

Some people have even claimed to have set a switch on or moved levers only to find them moved back to their original position later when they were working alone on the plane.

Now for my encounter with this ghost...

A few weeks ago, I was working night shift and I was up inside aircraft 1512 getting ready to close and lock up the plane after some routine ground maintenance. I was raising the wing flaps with someone downstairs watching to make sure the wing flaps rose the way they were supposed to. All the windows and hatches were closed except for a small crew entry hatch that I was going to go down when I was finished. Suddenly I heard a tapping sound like work boots walking across the wooden floor panels of the aircraft cargo bay. Then I turned to see the restroom door fly open and rock back and forth a couple of times. I called out to the guy that I was working with, thinking he had come up the ladder. Then I turned to look out in front of the aircraft and he was standing about 25 feet out in front of the airplane! As soon as I saw my coworker, I heard the restroom door slam shut! I swear there no breezes or drafts of air that could have done that! After that, I closed up the plane as fast as I could and left.

I was "creeped out" by this incident but I don't feel afraid to go back up in Aircraft 1512. But I will make sure I have someone with me next time!!

I think the Ghost was just having some fun with me and letting me know that he's heard me making fun of all the others who have had their encounters with him.

David, CA, USA
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