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The Ghost of Gallager Woods Road

Pennsylvania, USA
May 2001

This story take place in the mountain around where we live. I, my husband and two of our friends decided to go one night to see if the ghost stories were true or not. So one night around midnight we all went for a ride along this deserted road where no one lives.

We came to the curve where this was suppose to of happened. Off to the left of the curve is a cemetery where this bride and groom were buried. On their wedding night they got lost in the mountain looking for the hotel they were to spend their honeymoon.They were going too fast to make the turn.They were both killed on impact. It was rumoured that the brides grave never settled.

So the four of us decided to walk into the cemetery to find this grave. We were in shock to find out that my husband and his friend were standing on it.We looked around a little. After about a half hour we decided to go back to the car. When we got back to the car we all got in. When looking back at the cemetery we saw a ghostly figure about 5 and 1/2 ft tall. Now this was not a headstone since the tallest headstone was about three feet tall.

The figure seemed to float and there was a ghostly blue glow over the cemetery. My husband started the car. We all left in a hurry and never went back.

Pennsylvania, USA
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