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The Ghost of Grandma

Suzy, MI, USA
August 2001

When I was in middle school, my grandmother passed away. She had been staying in our house for awhile, until she got too sick for us to take care. She needed somebody to take care of her around the clock, so my parents put her in a nursing home. She lived there a couple of weeks and then she died. Only after she died, did weird things begin to happen at our house.

At about 13 years of age, my parents put a TV in my room. I would watch TV before I would go to bed often. One night I was watching a program and all of a sudden the channel changed by itself. Mind you, I did not have a remote with this TV, the only way for anybody to change it was to get up and push the button. I would yell at the TV and the channel would go back to what I was watching. This happened very frequently.

Another instance was when my dog was alive. It was during the time that I was having problems with the TV changing channels on me. Normally before school I would put my dog in the basement (behind 2 closed doors) and then put her in her cage (and lock the cage) because she would get into everything if she was left upstairs alone. One day I came home and the dog was upstairs by herself. I thought that maybe I had forgotten to take her to her cage, so I went downstairs. The door to the downstairs was shut, the door to the laundry room was shut and her cage was locked. Nobody in my family would leave the door shut unless the dog was down there, also nobody would lock the dog's cage unless the dog was in there.

When I was in college, living in the dorm, another weird thing happened at my parents house. One night my dad was watching TV and turned it off like normal and went to bed. The next morning he got up and tried turning the TV on and all he got was static. He thought that maybe the cable lines were down so he just went to work. When he got home, he tried the TV again. Still static. He went to a different TV in the house to check to see if it was the cable lines. For some reason all the other TV's in the house worked fine. He looked behind the TV (this is a big TV that has lots of knickknacks on it) and almost everything was unplugged, the cable lines, the VCR, the video camera. The only thing that was plugged in was the power to the TV. Somebody would have had to move all the knickknacks around to be able to reach back behind it and unplug everything.

Another time, my cousin stayed over for a week with my parents and he slept in the room that my grandmother stayed in. One night he woke up to a woman in white standing in front of the window looking out. He thought it was my mother, so he went back to sleep. He asked her the next morning if she came into his room and my mom told him that she had not. He wouldn't sleep in there the rest of the week. (We never had told him of the other incidents before he came to visit).

In the past year I had a dream about my grandmother. In this dream she asked me to forgive her. (She was not a nice lady while she was living with us, but I knew it was because she was sick and dying). I told her "there is nothing that needs to be forgivin". She told me "Thank you!" and left my dreams. Since then, nothing has happened at my parents house.

Suzy, MI, USA
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