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The Ghost of Jones Hall

Indiana, USA
April 2000

Indiana State University has a few reputed entities, but the most recent is from an incident in Jones Residence Hall back in 1991. A group of 4 students had spent the night drinking and partying. For whatever reason they got the bright idea to "Elevator Surf". For anyone who has not heard of this, it is where you climb onto the top of the elevator inside the shaft and someone on the inside of the cab pushes the buttons making it run. One of the males, a 19 year old Freshman, lost his balance, consequently becoming wedged between the elevator and the shaft wall. The person on the inside of the elevator car was unaware of this and ran the car, killing the young man in a horribly violent manner.

It is known that he has been seen by residents of Jones Hall every year, usually on the 8th floor (the floor the car was located on when it happened) and in the even floor elevator car. He has been see in his old dorm room and the mens bathroom. The elevator will sometimes run on it's own, always stopping at the 8th floor. One note of interest, I am married to the elevator technician who climbed down the elevator shaft and found this poor young man's mangled body. It gave him nightmares for years. I also work at this university.

You can read about this in the Indianapolis Star (May 1991) issues and also the Terre Haute Tribune Star (May 1991) issues.

Indiana, USA
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