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The Ghost of My Room

Bethany Shewan, Rochester, UK
February 2004

When I was about one and a half I wouldn't go to sleep (you might think this is normal but I was usually good at going to bed until then). My mum and dad would put me to bed but about five minutes after that I would get up and start playing with my toys.

One night my dad was starting to get annoyed so he came up, lay me down, and asked me why I didn't want to go to sleep?. I told him that the little girl was waking me up and she wanted to play. I didn't have any brothers or sisters then so my dad was confused and asked me what little girl?. I pointed at my radiator and said "that little girl". My dad got really scared, picked me up and took me downstairs and told my mum. They both didn't know what to think so I started sleeping in my mum and dads room until they knew what to do.

My dad went around asking our new neighbours (we had only just moved in the house) if they knew of any local little girls that had died recently but they all said "no", so my dad went to see a woman that knew things about ghosts and told her the story. She told my dad to put me in my room that night and wait for me to go to sleep, then go down stairs and wait for the ghost to wake me up and then when the ghost did wake me up to go up stairs and shout at the ghost. Tell it that I needed my sleep because I was only little and tell it to go away and leave me alone.

That night my dad did shout at the ghost. And from then on I slept all through the night with no problems, until last summer.

We decorated my room for the first time since we had moved in (and for the first time since the ghost incident) it took us about four days and when it was finally finished I didn't get to sleep in my room because we went straight to the isle of white after we had finished it.

We were getting our friend Hannah to feed our cats while we where away and one night she had brought her friend round while she was doing it. They both came upstairs to feed my fish that were in my room when her friend saw the ghost. He told Hannah that there was a little girl standing by the radiator. Hannah couldn't see it but her friend was really scared so they both got out the house. When we got back they told us and I was really scared to sleep in my room, so for about two months I slept in my sisters room but my sister was getting annoyed with that so one night my dad shouted at the ghost again and I slept in my room again.

We don't know why the ghost came back but we think it might be because the room had changed and she thought that someone new was there.

But she has never been back since.

We are moving soon and I hope that the ghost doesn't frighten the new people that live there or even worse move with me.

Bethany Shewan, Rochester, UK
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