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The Ghost of the Upstairs Bedroom

Leah, FL, USA
May 2002

I was taking a ghost tour of an old house in St. Augustine with my family when something very strange and out of this world happened.

It was burning hot outside and we were all complaining to the tour guide just a little so she opened a window or two downstairs. We finished touring the den, dining room, and parlor, and the other downstairs rooms so it was time to go upstairs. The upstairs bedroom was like an oven, but the guide refused to open a window. I asked why she was so worried about it and she said: "back in the 1400s there was a Spanish woman living here with her children. One day she left this window open and her smallest son fell out the window and died. She blamed herself and made sure that her other children were safe. And now people say that if you open this window a whitish grayish figure will come out and slam it shut." Somebody then made the mistake of suggesting to the guide that this was a falsehood. She was upset that that had been suggested and she said "well if you don't believe me then open a window and see what happens." So of course, they marched right over and flung it open. They walked back to the group, and right as they were turning around, a chill swept through the room. Then everyone saw a whitish-grayish figure glide across the room and slam the window shut. Then the figure looked right at me and smiled. Then it disappeared.

I will never forget the encounter that I personally had with the ghost on the Upstairs Bedroom.

Note:This is a 100% true story, I witnessed it with my own eyes!

Leah, FL, USA
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