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The Ghost of Wimbledon Square Apartments

Deb, OR, USA
December 2002

With my candles burning and the smell of Vanilla in the air I was laying on my couch one night watching unsolved mysteries, a picture of Shandra Levy was being flashed on the screen and a number on the TV for anyone with information about her disappearance to please call. At the same time, Out of nowhere a very pungent smell of rotten flesh filled the room.

I sat up and instantly said out loud (where in the hell is that coming from)? I looked back at my cat "Tuff" that was stretched out on the back of the couch as he lifted his head and sniffed the air, I got up knowing it wasn't just my imagination and that my cat could smell this rotten stench as well.

I searched my very small one bedroom apartment and in every spot I went the smell was there. Within 10 seconds of getting up and searching the smell left as quickly as it appeared. I walked back into my living room and looked at my cat and as I was walking all of a sudden it was like I was trying to walk thru molasses. There was nothing there but air, but I felt something and it was thick and slow and went thru my whole body and I was trying to force myself to go forward but I couldn't, then all of a sudden it was like someone letting go of the back of my belt loop and I fell forward.

OK, so I freaked out and called my sister and told her what had just happened, of course she believed me cause she has weird stuff happen to her too, I have in the past also but nothing like this and nothing like what I'm about to tell you.

Three days pass with nothing else happening until that 3rd day, I get home from work and I go into my bedroom I sit down to check my email and as I'm sitting there the whole house instantly starts to stink like someone just took a lid off a diaper pale and all its saturated diapers. I jump up and think what the #^(#^@ is going on, I search the house, it is filled with this urine odor, then again as quickly as it came it disappeared. Now I'm starting to freak out again, so I go into the middle of my living room and out loud say "LISTEN UP GHOST OR WHATEVER YOU ARE ...I DON'T MIND YOU HANGING AROUND BUT QUIT STINKING UP THE PLACE I LIKE MY VANILLA CANDLES".

A few days pass, its finally Friday woohoo the work day is over and I'm heading home. I get home and as I'm walking down the covered hall to my apartment I hear my cat majorly meowing. I'm 3 apartments away. I think that this is odd because he never is like this, he's always asleep. I unlock the door and open it and Tuff fly's out the door meow meow ...I say what's wrong tuff and he wont stop meowing and he's focused on the hall closet right at the front entrance. He is so persistent and freaked that I start getting a little nervous thinking someone has broken into my place. So I tell Tuff I will get him some food and I go into the kitchen grab the biggest butcher knife I can find and search every nook and cranny ...I cant find anything. After 45 minutes my cat finally calmed down and came inside.

Saturday, Next morning....5:30 am Tuff wants out he's batting at the plastic blinds that cover the sliding glass door, I lay there for a few minutes listening to his persistent plea of LET ME OUT NOW...I get up and let him out the slider door, I know he will want back in to eat then want to go back out within a 10 minutes (his routine) so I lay on my bed and wait for his scratch at the glass. 5 minutes goes by, scratch scratch ... there he is, I get up let him in and lay back down for a few more minutes, I can hear him crunching his food, he stops then meows and I know he wants out again. I get up and go to the slider door but he's not there, I hear a meow and a scratch I turn around and he is waiting at the front door ...I think this is different he never goes out that way in the morning. So I go to the main door to let him out, as I open the door I can see the beige carpet ... suddenly something catches my eye by the bottom hinge of the door. It is about the size of a basketball as thin as a pancake and a blob shape its black with 5 to 7 white lights inside of it, it swiftly moves over my feet and under the lip of the door as I open it and I watched this thing, whatever it is, go to the left out in the hallway as my cat goes to the right in the hall.

I jumped back and once again said WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? I was freaked ...I thought maybe its just my imagination ... so I open the door 3 more times again thinking it has to be a shadow but nothing appeared.

I got on the phone and told my sister I think I just saw an entity or ghost of some sort.

2 weeks went by and nothing happened, I told everyone at work what had happened and of course they looked at me as though I had lost my mind.

I came home from work about 3 weeks later and started chit chatting with an old guy that lived in the complex. He was telling me about how he used to live in the complex back in the 70's when it was first built and how they had outrageous party's it was for singles only...etc. Then he looks at me and said "did you know that since 1975 until now there has been 12 people who have died here at these apartments"? I just looked at him as he kept talking, he said 11 of the people committed suicide and one woman, a dancer, was murdered by a neighbor cause she refused to go out with him. He beat her to death with a baseball bat then threw it up on the roof.

I hadn't mentioned what had been happening in my apartment nor did I.

At first when this stuff was happening I thought that maybe it was my cat Abbey that I had to have put to sleep at another apartment on the premises a year earlier coming to visit, but with the new information I had just gotten from the old man makes me wonder if it could have been one of the ghost that died at the apartment building or maybe Shandra Levy? Anyway I moved and whatever it is decided not to be left behind and has followed me... my roommates have also encountered this spirit ghost on many occasions.

Deb, OR, USA
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