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The Ghost On Geneva Lane

Jennifer Brown, CA, USA
December 2005

When I was in 7th grade my family moved into a home on a street called Geneva Lane. When we first moved in everything seemed good. I don't think it was until the next year when we started noticing the paranormal activity.

My mother had her cousins children for a couple weeks during the summer. The youngest of the two was really strange. One day she got upset with my sister and tried to break her leg by stomping on it. My mother sent her to my sisters room for a time out. When the girl was upstairs she started screaming loudly that something was comming to get her. The kid was hysterical. After that thats when the really bad stuff started happening. While watching television, we would see black shadows passing the side of us. Then it went into a foul odor in my parents room that would appear and disappear. There was also a spot in the carpet that would do the same. We could hear our doors open and close, something walking up the stairs into the room and back down. There would be shadows at the top of the stairs. Doors slamming shut in the house in the dead of winter. and worst of all one of the last experiences we had was something touching mine and my sisters leg. We both said something to each other at the same time and figured out it was neither of us who was doing it. My parents had the house prayed over and the haunting stopped.

After we moved, we found out that where the house was located, was very close to a Indian burial ground. While living in the home, my father would have reoccurring dreams about a young Indian girl, and as soon as we moved the dreams stopped.

There was so much more that happened, but I will never forget my experiences and to this day I can walk into a home and know if there is something other than the people who are living in it there.

Jennifer Brown, CA, USA
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