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The Ghost Outside The Window

Elizabeth, FL, USA
February 2011

This experience happened in November 2008. At that time I was about nine or ten years of age now I am thirteen and wanted to share my story.

My family had moved into a new house and it had only one upstairs room which I had told my mother I wanted for my own. Well about a couple of weeks later we have gotten everything settled. Then one night I was in my mother's room and it had gotten late, so she made me go to my room. I was scared of the dark so my step-dad would walk me to the kitchen.

My little sisters would always play with the curtains so some of them were broken. When I am scared I look around so I can feel safer. Then when I had looked to the window I saw a girl. She was turned around so I couldn't see her face. To me she looked like she was about fifteen years of age, also she had short brown hair just like mine. As I froze in fear I stayed staring at her. She was floating in midair; she had on a long white dress that would stop right above her feet. She was starting to turn around slowly. As she got to the point of almost being face to face I had ran back to my step-dad and I burst into tears. Trembling, I told him what I had just seen and he did not believe me. He made me go to my room so I ran to my room, not even daring myself to look outside the window again.

After that no one had believed me, so I had decided to just drop it. When it was close to Christmas we were putting up decorations outside early. My mother was taking pictures of my brothers and I. In one of the pictures my mother had noticed a white orb flying right behind my head. That's when they believed that what I had seen was real. My mother had told me that my sister had died when she was born, at that time that happened she would have been fifteen years old. Until this day I imagine if that was my sister I had seen.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it.

Elizabeth, FL, USA
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