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The Ghost That Does The Dishes

Sandi Stephens, Manitoba, Canada
November 2003

When you hear about a ghost story you expect to hear that it was a dark and stormy night or that the fog rolled in off of the lake. My ghostly experience happened in broad daylight with other people around.

My then boyfriend Matt (now my husband) and I had gone to a friends place to pick up music equipment for a show later that night. The house our friend lived in looks a lot like the Amytiville Horror house. He lives there with his wife and two sons. When we arrived it was just after lunch.

Debbie (the wife) had just left with their two sons to watch WWF wrestling at our local arena and were to be gone for a few hours. They had been in a hurry to leave and Debbie had not had a chance to clear the table of the lunch dishes. Matt and myself had gone into the basement to get the equipment with Donny (the friend). While we were down there the house was very quiet. No TV no music, just us chatting.

After about 10 minutes I swore I heard Debbie upstairs doing the dishes. I did not want to say anything in case I was just hearing things. I had a strange look on my face that prompted Matt to ask me if I had a headache. I said no but refused to say what was wrong. Finally they convinced me to spill what was wrong. I said that Debbie was home and was doing the dishes. Now they had strange looks on their faces. Neither one heard anything at all. I was insistant that I can hear the water running, dishes clanging, and silverware being put into the sink. At that point Matt started upstairs to see if there was anybody home. Donnie asked me if I knew what had happened to the lady who lived in the house before they did. I had not. So he proceded to tell me. By that time Matt was back confirming no one was in the house except us. Matt had already heard the story of the prevous owner and vouched for the truth of it. She had been and elderly lady and had died in the house. That kinda freaked me out. Then Donnie asked me if I wanted to know how she died. I said yes. She died while doing the dishes. Heartattack. Donnie said you could see the color actually drain from my face. The whole time he was telling the story I could hear the dishes being done.

I have been back a few times since but have not heard or seen anything myself. Our friends say that they do hear and feel the ghost from time to time, but have no fear.

Maybe they will send in their stories for everybody to read.

Sandi Stephens, Manitoba, Canada
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