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The Ghost That Ran In Circles

Nikki, Louisiana, USA
September 2002

First off, I have quite a few stories/experiences to submit, (as my family and myself have been involved in numerous hauntings over the years) but I'm only going to start with a few of the more interesting.

The first story i have to tell was told to me by my grandmother and two uncles, so I do not doubt its authenticity.

My grandma married my grandpa when she was quite young, and so by the age of 29 she had four children ranging in age from 7 months (my mom) to 13 (my uncle frank). They lived in a small house on 4 acres of land with a lake, they called it devils lake because you could strike a match and throw it in and the "water" would catch on fire. They later found out that the muddy water was actually oil, but not until after they had already sold the house and the land.

They had had a few weird experiences, such as whispering at the windows, and when they would look, no one would be there. At certain times the dogs would act funny, like they sensed that someone or something was there that didn't belong.

Well anyway this one night my grandmother was expecting my grandfather to come home from his ship (he was a merchant marine) and had prepared dinner and put the kids to bed early. As she was sitting by the kitchen window waiting for his arrival, she heard the whispering. At first she didn't pay any attention to it, but pretty soon, it got louder and more insistent, as if it wanted her to hear it. She got up and went over to the window and looked out and around. She saw nothing (it was pretty dark outside). So being the fearless woman that she was, she went to her bedroom, grabbed her shotgun and walked outside to the front of the house where the whispering was coming from. Still she saw nothing and heard nothing. So she went back inside.

Almost as soon as she closed the door someone knocked on it. She thought that maybe shed missed my grandfathers lights when she went to get her gun, so she opened the door. Blackness. She shut the door and went and checked in her kids room and saw that they were fast asleep and went back to the window with the shotgun on her lap.

A few minutes later, her oldest son Frankie came to the kitchen and told her that he couldn't sleep because someone was running around in his room. He was not one prone to making up stories, so she went and checked his room and seeing nothing, told him it was probably just a dream and sent him back to bed.

About an hour passed by and he was back, this time, he was trailed by his brothers and carrying the baby. He told her that whatever was running around the room before was running again and it was talking. She grabbed the baby from him and went to the room. Something whizzed past her, almost knocking her down. She ran back to the kitchen where the boys were. They had already seen it, and they were frozen in shocked silence. The "thing" that was running was a large black/transparent shadow and it was jogging around the kitchen. My grandma didn't know what to do, the only thing she could think of was to flee. She tried to bolt for the front door (which was in the kitchen as I said before) but the thing sped up and started running in circles around the kitchen, blocking her only exit. She was afraid to go anywhere else in the house because she said she thought it would follow her. So there she stood in the hallway with 4 crying children for hours while this thing ran in circles around her kitchen.

My grandfather finally got home around 4 in the morning and when he came up the drive, the thing stopped running and went through the wall into the back part of the house. My grandma took her kids got some of their clothes and went to her dads house where they stayed until they found another house.

She said she never stepped foot back in that house or on that land. They never heard any stories about the house and the people that later bought it apparently had no problems. Where that house once stood there is now a Superwalmart and where the lake was, there is a parking lot.

Thanks for reading.

Nikki, Louisiana, USA
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