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The Ghost that Saved My Life

Massachusetts, USA
September 2000

About fourteen years ago when I was thirteen I woke up in the middle of the night. I didn't know exactly why. However in the middle of my room was a form of some kind. Shortly my eyes adjusted to the dark and the thing I saw had human form. At first I thought it was a burglar but then I realized it was almost transparent. I know it was a ghost and not some dream or my imagination. I wasn't afraid. Since it was the first ghost I had ever seen I was wondering more why it was there than what it might do. The ghost looked at me intently and warned me about a party on the weekend, I had been invited to. A party at a teen club. Then it disappeared.

That morning I called the person who had invited me to the party and made up some excuse about why I couldn't go. Anyway the the night of the party at the club something happened that caused a fire. (I don't what it was I wasn't there.) A few days later some of my friends who had gone to the party told me that there was a fire at the club and a few people hadn't escaped and many others had some bad burns but were going to live.

All I can say is the ghost must have saved my life. If I had gone to that party I might have been one of the people who didn't escape the fire. To this day I'm still wondering if that ghost might have been not just a ghost but my guardian angel.

Massachusetts, USA
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