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The Ghost That Saved My Life...Twice!

Anonymous, Manchester, UK
August 2012

Before this event occurred I was a very skeptical and logical person, I would attempt to explain any mysterious or paranormal occurrence logically. However, that scepticism dissipated after this experience.

Before I start let me first explain the layout of my bedroom, as this may help you better visualise what is going on. The backboard of my bed is positioned against a wall that is adjacent to my bedroom door, on the wall opposite my door is a mirror that can be seen from my bed, therefore I can see my door from my bed via the mirror.

On 13th April 2011 at approximately 11pm I was lying in my bed, I was 18 years old and about to finish a segment of a piece of coursework I was currently doing when I heard the distinctive sound of my mother walking downstairs (distinctive as she is heavy footed). Disregarding it as irrelevant, I filed away my work and was about to get up to turn my light off when I heard someone walking back upstairs. It was not my mother however as these footsteps were much lighter, being a fairly paranoid person I stopped and listened and realised whomever these footsteps belonged too was walking towards my door. Although they suddenly stopped, still fairly shaken I cautiously attempted to get up when I saw a young woman in my mirror looking directly at me with a stern look, she had shoulder length dark-brown/black hair, fairly pale complexion and judging by how far her head was from the door frame she was approximately one inch shorter than me. I quickly blinked but she was still there, I then clamped my hands on my eyes and stopped for a minute or two trying to recollect myself but then I suddenly froze and was overcome with fear because I realised I had seen that girl before.

Many people may not be as frightened in such a situation, although to fully understand why I was so afraid you will have to know where I know this girl from. When I was approximately 5-7 years old (I do not remember the exact year) I lived approximately 30 miles from my current house, one night (again, I do not remember the date) I awoke to the sound of movement in what seemed to be the kitchen. Not fully understanding the concept or the danger of an intruder at the time I went downstairs to investigate, once I was in the kitchen nothing seemed to have changed with the exception that someone left a milk bottle filled with what I perceived to be milk on the dining table. As I headed towards the table I heard a childish giggle behind me, as I turned around I saw a girl about my age smiling at me, she resembled a younger version of the young woman mentioned before. All she did was smile and point to the milk bottle on the dining table, stricken with both fear and curiosity I cautiously picked up the bottle and drank from it.

Suddenly I started to vomit and the girl was no longer there, I began to cry out in agony which woke my family. My mother rang for an ambulance and I was rushed into hospital, the doctors found too interesting things that evening. One was that the white liquid was a mixture of white paint and another substance (not sure on the name, however I do remember it began with T), the second thing is that this dangerous liquid had cleared most of my stomach and revealed what seemed to be the early signs of stomach cancer. Luckily the cancer was found at a very early stage and was very treatable, I soon forgot about my encounter with the girl in my kitchen but always remembered that milk bottle.

Anyway back in 2011, after the night I saw the young woman in my mirror I became increasingly paranoid and jumpy. However on the Tuesday that followed that night I was about to set off for university when the young woman was at my bedroom door, staring directly at me again with a seemingly angry look. Paralysed by fear I froze for several minutes and was on the verge of crying, eventually her looked changed from an angry stare to a calm smile and she suddenly walked away. I still stood in the middle of my room, frozen with fear for another several minutes, when I eventually came to set off but missed my bus to university. When I caught the next bus I started to receive several texts and phone calls asking if I was okay, the bus I was originally going to catch crashed on the motorway and 5 of the 15 people on the bus had died and I know in my mind that if I had been on that bus I would also have been one of the unfortunate casualties of the crash.

It was at that point that I realised that the young woman, who I've taken to calling Sophie, had saved my life twice without uttering a single word.

Anonymous, Manchester, UK
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