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The Ghost That Was

Tyler McGregor, North Dakota, USA
June 1999

Icannot say with certain agreements that the following story is real because it was a friend's experience not mine. He told me to tell it nationwide because he wanted people to belive him. I certainly did. I asked him why he wouldn't enter his name and he said he was afraid, so with further ado, here is 'The Ghost that was.'

It was a Monday. Raining hard as pellets of hail smashed upon the road. He was just getting home from his job. He works at Target. He was driving kind of slow when he saw it. The cars smashed into each other with full force. He screeched to a stop just before seeing the blood. It was all over the windshield of his friends' car. Tears were in his eyes. Hard tears. He got out of his car and ran to his friends' car. Other people were looking at the other car.

"Dude, you okay?" He asked. Then he saw him. The body. His friend had a metal pipe running through his skull. A hole in his head the size of Texas. He beat on the door, but it was too late.

The cops came with an ambulance for the other guy. They told him to go home. He swore and many other things, but he did finally go home.

Two days later:

He had ran over to his friend's mothers' house, whom lived 90 miles away.He pounded on the door of the beat up old house. Shingles were missing. It looked old, really old. Finally the door opened. "Hi Ms. Murdok. I have some really terrible news. Jimmys' dead. It happened two days ago. You don't have a phone or I would have called." She looked at him and laughed. "Hes' not dead. He's just sleeping."
"Well, I guess you can put it that way if you want. Your his mother."Jason said.
"Hes' in his room. I'll go get him." She said. Jason's mouth fell open.
"ok."He managed.
Ms. Murdok went to fetch him.
"Jimmy for God's sake, open the dang door!" She hollered. Jason heard it open. There was some stomping and then he saw him. Jimmy. He stood up. "Holy Christ" He swore. He didn't belive it. "Jason dude. Where did you go? Left me behind in that rain, did ya? God it hurt when I left. I swear I wasn't myself."
"I don't..." Jason didn't know what to say. He looked at Ms. Murdok. Then he looked at the mirror. No reflections of either of them. Was he really seeing this? He ran to the door and he hasn't seen them to this day. He said to me "Ghosts will get you, but your best friends will kill ya." He lives in Arizona now. I haven't seen him for a long time. I was seven when he told me this story. I called him the other day, but he wasn't home.Its' funny, but he's denied it to everyone but me. I think the reason he does that is because they would probably not believe them.

Tyler McGregor, North Dakota, USA
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