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The Ghost Town

South Dakota,USA
January 2002

I am going to tell you about my experiences in Kulm, North Dakota. Well, there are a few strange things that happened to me while I lived in Kulm. They are not at a very high magnitude, but they are interesting....

First of all, Kulm is a very old town, according to my Grandma and Grandpa's yearbook, it is over 100 years old. It is quite a small town. Now for the stories...

One night when I was in 3rd grade I think, I was up on my high "bunk bed" that my dad had built me. I was staring out my door at the window. Then I noticed a little copper bell with a red ribbon tied to the end floating in the air. I raised my body off my bed a bit to get a better look. Then suddenly, the bell started falling toward the floor, but it disappeared before it hit. When it hit, however, (although I couldn't see it by then) it still made the tinkle that a normal bell would make if it fell. You may say "big deal" well, yeah. I called my mom in and asked her if she had heard a bell fall. She hadn't heard it. So of course she didn't believe me. Also, while in that house, sometimes I would hear footsteps above me, comming from the attic. I never had the courage to investigate, though.

My second story tells of the time when some friends from school and I were having a sort of "mystery club". We decided to visit the school playground to "investigate" it one cold winter night. Well, when we arrived, the sun was setting. Soon, however it started getting a dark blue and it began to get cloudy. Before we knew it, there was fog all around us. Whoever heard of fog in the hills in the middle of the winter? Anyway, soon we started to look around for anything that could have caused it. Most of this didn't happen to me, but some of my friends claimed that they heard screams, while some claimed they saw flashing lights. I didn't see or hear any of this. We ended up running home.

My third story tells of my Grandma and Grandpa's house. This is a short story, and probably sorta boring... but anyway, they have this room upstairs that is always black. Don't ask me why, but it always seems spooky in there. Even when I was in there with my "brother", he agreed. So, anyway, that room has such a feeling of evil in it, I just can sleep in there. I wonder why it is only that room....

Last story. This one probably seems to not make any sense, but it is kind of wierd.

One day, my best friend and I were playing one on one football, and he was teaching me how. I was about to make a touchdown when I noticed a bumble bee on his shoulder. I told him not to move because there was a bee on his shirt. He tried to see it but, when he looked, it just crawled up where he couldn't see it. Wouldn't you know it, he slapped it! Well, needless to say, he screamed and ran in the house. Well, the strange part is the bee. I saw it fall off, but as the bell, when it got close to the ground, it disappeared. I picked around in the grass for awhile to find it and squish it, but it just wasn't there.... Strange?

Thanks for reading my story.

South Dakota,USA
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