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The Ghost Who Hates Country And The Little Girl

Kristine, Utah, USA
October 2004

At the beginning of April I was moving out of my parents house with my little one for the third time. My two year old daughter (Kenzie) and I got a cozy little 2 bedroom apartment. Although the outside was kinda run down the inside we made home in no time.

The first time something happened there I was in the Kitchen cleaning up after dinner and I hear my Kenzie talking to someone in her room. I went to her room to check on her and I asked her who she was talking to and she told me its a man that looks like Danny (a friend of mine). I didn't really think anything of it because kids have imaginary friends. Well, a week later Kenzie's dad called up and asked if he could take her for the week. I figured that would be good for me because I could get everything unpacked and cleaned. Then the night he came and picked her up, Danny came over to my house to have a few drinks. We were sitting on my couch drinking and listening to CD's on my stereo when a country song came on one of my mixed cds and it switched to the next song. I liked that country song that had came on so I got up and put it back and it switched again to the next song. It did that with all my country songs that came on. Then I remembered about Kenzie telling me about her "friend" that looked like Danny. Thinking I would scare the heck out of Danny I told him my apartment was haunted and the ghost looked like him. He kinda laughed it off and we started talking about ghost stories and horror movies that we has seen.

Well, as it got later I started to get freaked out and I told Danny he had to stay the night and he said he would he just had to run out to his truck to get his smokes and a lighter. While he was outside I went to go wash my face and brush my teeth. When I came out of the bathroom he was just coming in the front door. He asked me why I locked him out and I told him that I didn't, I had been in the bathroom the whole time he was outside. But he told me he was sure the door had been locked. That night I named what ever was in my house Fred.

Now Fred wasn't the only ghost in my house. I guess Fred had been scaring Kenzie because she would not sleep in her own room and had to come sleep in bed with me.

Well, one night we were laying there and I was reading Kenzie a story to try and get her to go to sleep and I heard this noise coming from my closet area. I couldn't really tell what it was so I wasn't too freaked out about it but then Kenzie told me that there was a little girl in my closet and she wanted to know if she could let her out. I just stared at her for a minute and then I told her, "okay baby you can go let her out." But then she looked at me and said, "No, she cant come out, she's trapped." That night I slept with my light on. Hehe.

The last big thing that happened was one night I was sleeping and something woke me up because it was crawling up my legs. Coming out of my sleep mode I thought it was my dog Blue and I went to kick him out of my bed but then I remembered that Blue was still at my moms house so I still went to kick whatever was crawling up my legs but I couldn't move them or anything else. I just closed my eyes and a few minutes later the feeling went away and I could move. I turned the light on beside me and there was nothing in my room and Kenzie was still next to me a sleep so it wasn't her. The next morning when I woke up I sat up in bed and in a firm voice told the ghost that they could only stay if they would stop scaring us.

After that we didn't have any other scary problems. I would find things where they shouldn't be. Hear noises like someone moving around in my kitchen and front room. I would still have problems with Fred and my country music and him changing the channel or CD when I was listening to country but I would ask him to please stop.

We ended up moving out of there last month. Not because of the ghost but because I needed to save money.

I do have more stories about other things but I'll save those for later.

Kristine, Utah, USA
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