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The Ghost Without A Face

Brandon Sykes, Tennessee, USA
February 1999

It all began about five years ago. It was a cold winter morning in the mountainous region area of the Smokey Mountains. The day started off just like any other day. I woke early just like I always do to get ready for school. Even though it felt like a normal day you could still feel there was something in the air. I left the house to go to school. The day went along fine except for the fact that all of my friends said I looked pale. Even though I felt fine I did go to the school clinic. She said that I didn't look healthy enough to finish the rest of the day of school. She gave me a pass and called my mom to come get me and take me home. When my mom and I got home I went upstairs to my room. As I walked upstairs the air became thick with the smell of death. As I approached my bedroom door I saw a shadow walking around. Being curious I walked into my room. There was nothing there. I glimpsed over at my bed and at the time I thought it was my older sister sleeping in my bed. She is about eight years older and lives in Georgia.

I thought she had come home for a while. As I tapped her on the shoulder and said "Vanessa wake up I'm sick and I need to go to bed." The figure turned around and it had no face. I ran downstairs faster than I have ever run before. I told my mom that she needed to go upstairs and look in my bed. She went upstairs and nothing happened. Finally I heard a sound that I have never heard before. It was my mother screaming. She ran down the stairs, grabbed me, and ran outside the house. That afternoon when my father got home he went up to my room with a gun and found nothing. Weeks after that incident doors in the house would open and close by themselves. We moved from that house to the other side of the city. Nothing has happened since then, but the fear still haunts me at night.

Brandon Sykes, Tennessee, USA
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