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The Ghost Woman

Natasha, IA, USA
August 2011

We live in a duplex, a very nice duplex might I add. We have lived here for about five or six years. And during those years my mom and sister have been experiencing things.

My mom's bedroom is downstairs so whenever she goes to the bathroom, which is upstairs she gets a feeling that someone is watching her from the kitchen. My older sister (before she moved out) said that she woke up one night and there was an old woman standing in her doorway watching her with a mean look on her face. And even my cousins have seen stuff in the basement and the kitchen.

Now one might think that I would be scared to live in my house, but no, I didn't believe them. I mean I never saw or heard anything. So I really didn't pay any attention to this so-called "ghost". Until one night about 3 months back. I am laying downstairs (my mom has moved her bedroom upstairs since my older sister has moved out) and I am all by myself. ALL the lights and the TV are turned off. I am laying on the love seat on my laptop surfing the internet. We have this entry way that leads to the front door and the love seat faces this entry way. Occasionally I look over into this entry way out of habit. So I look over and what do I see? A shadow, yes, a shadow.

I kind of brush it off as being one of the normal shadows from the lights being turned off. But I am still staring at it and it sort of looks three dimensional, like it's separated from the other shadows. I get freaked out and I draw my knees up to my chest but only for a few seconds before I jump up and turn on the light. I look at the entry way and see a woman in white kind of peeking around the corner at me. A few seconds later she disappears. I am scared so I turn on the TV and just sit down thinking about what I had just saw.

For a few months nothing happened to me and I kind of forget about it. But just last week I am in my bedroom falling asleep. It's dark in my room except for the street light outside my window. I don't know why but I open my eyes and I see this face looking at me from across the room. I was just staring at it kind of shocked but still scared after a about a minute or two it disappears.

This has happened to me two nights in a row so now I sleep with my TV on. I am so scared of this woman. But I never really tell anybody in my house about my experiences.

Natasha, IA, USA
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