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The Ghostly Road and the Helping Hand

Spandan Singh, India
October 2012

I love roads and highways. The way they stretch on and on. But this incident changed my views about them. Last year, I went to a very ghostly place inside the forest that is near my house. I have taken a dare with my friend. It was, you can say 2:00am in the morning. Deep I went and found a road. Dusty and old it was. As it was still dark, I couldn't see the road properly. I thought it could be a shortcut to my school or something like that. So, I tested tested the road. The biggest mistake of my life!

After about half an hour, the weather went cold. the stars were nowhere to be seen, as well as the Moon. Suddenly, I tripped over a stone and fell. And, it happened. I saw an undetailed figure. It also had a shadow. The darkness left the figure unidentified. He had companions!

They came closer and I saw them. Dripped in blood, they all were dirty. Their clothes were all ripped. I stood there in shock. The only thing I could do was scream and I did that. They all got hold of me. I tried my best to get past them, but it was useless. Suddenly, a human hand came in between.

I kicked and punched and, with the help of the unknown companion, I got free. There was no time to celebrate. they followed us. We ran. I saw who the second person was. he was my friend, he was who dared me! And, I understood why he was here. He was here to see I was completing my dare. When he saw me in trouble, he came to help me.

We ran and ran. We reached the place from where we had come. We ran inside my house. They followed us. They were stamping the door rapidly. We saw in horror. When the door was about to come out of it hinges, the first sunlight rays came into my house. They all went away. I never knew why.

When my parents woke up. they scolded me for breaking the door. they phoned to my friend's house and complained about the door.

From that day on, I never went in the forest. I was just 11 years old! Now, when I think about the incident, it makes my fear grow more and more. They never came back. I and my friend kept this incident to ourselves. So, if you find an old road in a lonely place, never try it.

Spandan Singh, India
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