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The Ghosts of My House

Ayrika, OH, USA
March 2004

I could always sense my house was haunted, even when I was younger. I have lived in this house for 12 years (We moved when I was 1). There are many ghosts in my house some I like, some I wish didn't visit as often.

My things are always disappearing. I was getting my hair fixed by my mother one day. I lay my clip down on the shelf. Next thing I know I am not able to find my clip. My mom knows this happens, way too often. It's not very scary, it's just plain creepy.

The Ghosts of My Bathroom

You know that feeling you get when some one is watching your every move? I get that alot, especially when I'm in the bathroom. I suddenly got a cold feeling ( I have sort of like a 6th sense since the 4th grade and get this alot). I heard a voice whispering to me. It sounded like a female? older in age. I can barely make out any of the things she said to me. I screamed like some one was about to kill me and was terrified and still am till this day.

There is another ghost residing in my bathroom. I believe it's the ghost of my kitten that passed away when I was little. Her name was Trailor, because we found her under my aunt's trailor. She was young and died without her mother's milk. One day I saw a little gray kitten run through my bathroom and go through the wall. I knew it was her as soon as I saw the ghost.

The Little Girl

I sleep on the couch most of the time (you'll find out why). I wake up alot during the middle of the night and just look around, why is totally beyond me. Well I looked up on the landing of the steps and saw this little girl about seven and was in a white dress. The best way I could describe the dress is like a flower girl dress. The time was 1:06 in the morning exactly, but ghost are usually more active during 3. She just walked up and down the steps, I froze with fear. All of the sudden she disappeared. The next day I spent the night at my best friend's house, Taylor. When my dad picked me up he said last night my Doberman started to freak out. She started growling and the hair on her back stood on end. I told my parents that that was proof because almost all dogs can see ghosts and some people can too.

The Reasons Why I sleep on the couch

I was getting something off my stand once in my room, which is always cold I think because of ghost. All of the sudden my shelf flies off the wall and hits me in the back. My parents think I'm very crazy and need to be on meds or something. I'd say a week later my shelf again flies off the wall and hits me in about the same spot as last time. There was one thing that set this experience apart from the last one, I heard a voice. The voice was of a female young or old I can't tell. It either said I hate you! or get out.

Either way they didn't sound happy.

Ayrika, OH, USA
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