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The Girl In The Hall

April 2004

I never really believed in ghost stories. I mean something about being dead just irks me so you can imagine my panic when I really did see a ghost.

It was about 11:30 PM and I was trying to go to sleep, but I just couldn't get comfortable. I kept shivering although it was in the middle of July. I finally started to loll off to sleep when an urge came over me to walk out onto the loft outside my bedroom. I still don't know why I had this sudden urge, but I did.

I looked down onto the hallway beneath and saw a girl. She was very clear and looked like she was wearing a nightgown. At the time it was almost like I was sleeping and seeing all of this in a dream; I had such a groggy, just awake type feeling. She walked right through the giant window in the front of the house. She hit the pane and was gone.

After seeing this I simply walked to my room and went to sleep. I was no longer cold but had a comfortable safe feeling. The next morning when I awoke I thought it was all a dream until about a week later when the lights in my room would flicker and my television would change channels. I named my "ghost" as a joke at first but then things started to go missing from my room like homework and magazines. I think me calling her Jessica hurt her feelings and so as silly as it sounds I apologized. Not much happened for a few months after that.

Then, an October evening my mom and I were driving home from a soccer game and I saw her again. It was amazing I just have no words for all the feelings I felt when I saw her again. We were driving through the back end of my new housing development where builders still hadn't cleared. The girl was at the edge of the woods. She seemed the walk towards the car then disappear. My mom still swears she didn't see the girl at all.

Now, almost a year later I've found out more about the land my house was built on. It was a huge farm. The family's last name was Wright. There is a small cemetery about seven hundred yards from my house. And I have started to call my ghostly friend Sarah that is the name of a twelve-year-old girl whom died in the 1800s. I think she really is Sarah I've felt her but haven't seen her again. And she still never agrees with the channel I'm watching on my TV.

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