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The Girl in the Hallway

Kenneth, TN, USA
December 2008

The university that I attended has this story of a girl that hung herself, and is said to walk the hallways of our university. I won't say which university it was. Anyways I was working late one night on a project that I had to turn in the next morning. Our building is shared with the theater, it was art and theater. The building had an old theater there and a hallway you could only get to from the stairs. One night as I was working late on a photo assignment, I went to ask the thearter department offical if I could use some of their old costumes to photograph. She was very kind and let me use them. Well I want to take photos of people dressed in old clothes from the 20's, and wanted to use the stage as a prop. I wanted to do this late at night because there would not be a lot of people at that time. As I was going down the hall I seen a shadow on the ground. That was all I seen and it was moving like someone was walking across the floor. It went around the corner, I thought it was a janitor so I went around the corner and nothing was there. That was the first night, the next night I was there setting up to take some more photos and saw this young girl walking into the dressing room. It was strange because she was dressed very old fashioned, like someone would from the 60's. I thought it might be costume. So I didn't really give it much thought. But as I looked closed her feet weren't touching the ground, just hanging there in midair. Then I realized she was floating, with a black shadow under her. I went down the hallway, I didn't feel scared just curious. I looked at where she went and the dressing room door was locked and she was gone. So the next day I asked one of our professors if they have heard about a young girl Walking around here at night dressed in old clothes from the 60's. She said to me along time ago a young girl hung herself because she was heartbroken. It was said during that time her boyfriend went off to fight in the Vietnam war and died. So she commited suicide because she lost her love. And sometimes a few people have seen her walking the hallways.

Kenneth, TN, USA
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