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The Girl in the Polka-Dot Dress

February 2003

This incident happened about 5 years ago.

I was sitting on my swing outside of my house, enjoying the nice spring day, when I saw a little girl, maybe about the age of six standing next to me. She was wearing a yellow dress with red polka-dots and she had short blonde hair. I said,"Hi. Are you new in the neighborhood?" She didn't answer. She just looked at me and ran away. I didn't tell my mom about it because she wouldn't believe me.

For the next week, I saw her on and off. I asked her what her name was, but she never answered. After a week of seeing her, I finally told my mom. When I described her, my mom's eyes flew open. She whispered to herself that it was impossible. I asked her what she meant and she said to come with her to the attic. She pulled out an old photo album and showed me a picture. It was the girl I kept seeing.
"That was your aunt. She died when she was seven. She was buried in that dress".

After that, I never saw her again.

Thanks for reading.

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