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The Girl in the Smock Dress

Lily, GA, USA
May 2004

I'll tell you a story that happened to my father. When he was small, they lived in a town that was 5 hours from Los Angeles. They lived in an old Victorian home.

One day his mother and her sister were in the house alone. My fathers aunt had been in the back of the house, and was on her way to the front where her sister was. She turned off all the lights and then went into the livingroom and sat down with my fathers mother. My fathers mother told her to go back and turn off the lights, because she must have forgotten to turn them off. So my fathers aunt went to the back of the house and once again turned off the lights, only this time, from out of the corner of her eye, she saw a little girl run across the hall. The lights went on again. My fathers aunt saw the little girl run into one of the bedrooms and hide under the bed! My fathers aunt told the little girl to come out or she would pull her out by the legs. There was no response, so my fathers aunt reached underneath the bed and there was nothing there! The little girl had a smock dress, and blond curly hair according to his aunt.

After we kids grew up and moved onto our own lives and locations, my father decided to rent his house. Mind you, this house was near Los Angeles 5 hours away.

My dad rented the house to my brother, and my brother rented one of the bedrooms to a friend of his. One morning his friend woke up screaming, because he claims he saw the apparition of a little girl with blond curly hair staring at him as he lay there. Apparently he said that he startled the little girl. The little girl walked into the closet doors and disappeared! He didn't know anything about the story I am telling you. Apparently the apparition had followed my father to his new adult home.

Lily, GA, USA
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