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The Girl Upstairs

Caroline Spencer, Colchester, UK
May 2010

Not many people believe in ghosts or spirits and neither did I. But it was only lately I've started to wonder if they really do exist.

I've lived in my house for nearly 11 years now and I haven't been overly keen on it. Plus the fact, that we are actually built on an old grave-yard. I don't believe that all the bodies have been re-moved as my children actually used to dig up bones. e.g. finger bones, kneecaps, jaws etc.

Anyway, it was only a few years ago things seemed to get weird. Apart from the fact, my dog Cyrus, who barks at random things since he was around 1 year old. I didn't take much notice as my dog barks most of the time. It only used to freak me out when he used to stare under the table as if he saw feet walking by and bark at the same time.

So, carrying on. My daughter once complained about seeing a tap turn on by its self. This really seemed to scare her as she's been watching horror movies since she was young. It was only when weird things started happening to me I started to pay attention.

I woke up around 2 am as I recall, and I heard what sounded like running across the landing. Ever since then, I wake up around 2am every night hearing the same noise!

But Lately, I sometimes see a small shadow on top of the stairs when its late at night. However it's not always a shadow. Its sometimes occurs as a figure of a small girl. You can briefly see what she's wearing and looks like a long dress and a dirty white shirt over the top.

It's been a few years since then, but we don't seem to get the problems like we used to. I think, that as the kids grew up, the young child got lonely and left.

Caroline Spencer, Colchester, UK
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