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The Glowing Dog

Abbey, NC, USA
June 2003

This story happened when I was four years old. And don't think it's not credible because I was only four. I'm sixteen now and I remember every little detail to this very day.

Now for some background information: I wasn't one of those kids who made things up. I remember a lot of things from my childhood and this is definitely the scariest.

I lived in this newly built house away from other houses. I wouldn't say we were in the middle of nowhere but I still didn't like being alone like that. I never had any neighbors to play with when I was little. The woods were in the back of my house and I have to admit that I was a huge fan of ghost stories even though I couldn't read. My parents always thought that I shouldn't hear them but I protested a lot so they finally gave in. They were never too scary but I liked them anyway. I understood that they weren't real.

Now my room was in the middle of the attic and my parents' room upstairs. The only thing I didn't like about my room was that there was this unfinished closet on one side of it, right by the window. I didn't like it because of the usual little kid thing. The door would never shut and it was always open and there was a little crack. I was always scared about the classic "thing in the closet." Too bad I was right.

One night I was in bed saying my prayers. The usual. I was a good little kid. For some reason I looked up and the closet door was open and sitting right in the doorway of the closet was this glowing thing. I didn't know what it was at first but I looked closer and I made out the form. It was a glowing yellow dog. I was so scared but I couldn't stop looking at it. It just stared at me and I finally went and hid under the covers and I yelled for my mom. She came in and turned on the light and I was afraid to look at the closet. I did though because I wanted her to see it, but of course it was gone. I told her my story and she stayed with me until I fell asleep with my head under the covers. That was the worst feeling seeing that dog and being alone in the room with it. My mom told me I was just seeing things, like all moms say. But I swear it's the total and absolute truth. I never found out anything about that dog but I'm still wary around closets and stories with ghost dogs in them.

Abbey, NC, USA
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