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The Glowing Form

Kristen W, Delaware, USA
September 1997

Idid not actually experience this. My Grandmother did, when she was around the age of 15 or so.

She has 11 brothers and sisters, and they lived on a medium-sized farm near Augusta, Georgia. One day there was a very bad rainstorm. My Grandmother, her older sister, and one of their younger brothers had to run down to the next farm. So they set out, arrived there soon, then left. When they were about halfway home, my Grandmother looked towards the forest edge of the farm and saw a red glowing light. She said it was in the shape of a huge ball, but not that round. She told her sister, and she too noticed it. The light seemed to be flying towards them. They had stopped, and soon it was only a few feet from them. My grandmother screamed, and she pulled AthaLee and her brother inside the house. They told their mom, but when she looked out the window, nothing was there. My Grandmother, my Aunt, and my Uncle never saw that glowing light again.

Kristen W, Delaware, USA
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