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The Grandparents Who Love Me

August 2004

From the time I was born, I had a wonderful relationship with my Grandpa Max and my Great-Grandma. To them, I was a little angel who refreshed the way they saw the world.

One evening, when I was five years old, I sat up in bed, still asleep, and had a quick conversation with my Grandpa Max. My mother says she heard me promise to be a good girl and that I would take care of my Mommy and I would miss him very much. Moments after I laid my head back on my pillow, the phone rang. It was my Grandma back in Texas telling my Mom that Grandpa Max had passed away in his sleep.

I wasn't sad when they told me in the morning because I remembered the conversation and told them I knew he was alright. Four years later and being a military family, we were moving into another house in another country. I had just seen my Great-Grandma a few weeks before and she had given the family several gifts including the rocking chair in which she had rocked my Grandpa and Dad.

The rocking chair was in a corner of the room undisturbed and still. Suddenly it started rocking, not the sort of rock when an object is pushed or blown by a breeze. It was a slow, deliberate rocking. The sent of roses filled the room, my Great-Grandma always smelled of roses. Then the chair stopped. Sensing that something was going on, my parents called my Great-Grandma's home. We were told that she had just passed away that morning. I don't know of any explanation other than that these events were a final visit from my grandparents. It is something I'll always remember and be thankful for. They gave me just a little glimpse of that other world. And I'm sure that my wonderful Grandparents are still looking out for me.

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