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The Grave in the Back Yard

Sharon, TX, USA
May 2012

This was in 1972, my dad had got a farm job and the man that he worked for let him have this farm house with it. We were not going to live there that long because my dad was just trying to make money to get us back on our feet. The house was big and had a white fence around the back of the house.

As we were driving up into the yard, I heard my dad tell my mother that the house was ok but we were not allowed in the back yard because there was a grave back there and it had fence built around it so that no one could get in. And the only way to get in was to go out of the back door. Well the first chance I got I went to take a peek because I didn't believe that he had moved us into a house with a grave in the yard. It was a huge mound of dirt in the middle of the yard with a home made wooden cross on it.

The first night there after everyone went to bed, I heard some one walking through the house dragging their feet. But I knew that could not be, because the floor was made of wood. I woke up the next morning and my dad was asking who had been up walking during the night, and we all thought that it was him. Well he went to work and we helped mom put things up, we didn't get it all put up so mom said we would finish the next day. Well that night once again when we went to bed and everyone was sleep it started again. This time I heard the back door come open, and then you could hear a sound like cooking pots where being unpacked. Then you could hear a sound like beans pouring into a pot, the backdoor shut with a bang and the screen door shut afterwards.

The next day I found that my dad and mother had heard it too, my dad went to go check the back door but it was locked and the screen. He went to work me and my brother were watching American Bandstand and my mother had put my little sister on top of the dining table, she was about 1 or 2 months old. And the table was so large that it could seat 8 people. She folded a blanket and put her on it in the middle of the table. I remember going into the kitchen and my mom was at the stove and my sister was asleep. I turned around and went back into the living room and sat down beside my brother to watch TV, I turned around and my mother was standing in the doorway, looking at me and my brother and just at that moment we heard loud crash and then my sister screamed out plus the back screen door slammed shut afterwards. We ran into the kitchen and my sister was lying up against the kitchen wall and the blanket she was on, was also on the floor. It was like someone or something had swiped her off the table. Her eyes were rolling back into her head and her mouth was bleeding. I ran to the back door to see if it was open and both doors were locked. We moved out that night.

Sharon, TX, USA
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