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The Graveyard Shift

Caroline, California, USA
October 1997

Well I know that there are spirits out there somewhere. Living in Hawaii, you hear many stories and legends. I never really saw a ghost but could feel things.

This happened to me when I was 23 years old. I was to work for the phone company which I used to work for the military. Which naturally was located on a base. I worked in Hickam Air Force base. I use to work all hours.

This particular time. I was working the "graveyard shift" which was from 10:00 pm to 6:00am. It was midnight and I needed to use the restroom. When you first leave the office. You turn to your left, there is a mirror in the hallway. I was always afraid to look in that mirror because I was always afraid of seeing something that I really did not want to see. While on my way to the restroom. I started feeling this cold chill and the hairs on the back of my neck all stood up. I thought that it was just natural that my mind was playing tricks on me. So I proceeded to use the restroom. When after I was done, I went to flush the toilet and all of a sudden the stall next to me also flushed. I freaked. I knew no one was in the building except for me and the other operator. We were not allowed to leave the switchboard unmanned. So I ran, and when I got back to that same particular spot I began feeling the chills. I did not tell the person working with me because I did not want anyone to think I was crazy.

I really hated working those hours. For some reason in certain parts of the building you would have the impression that someone was watching you. Which was mainly in the area with the mirror. One day the subject came up about walking down that same hallway and having the eerie feeling that someone is watching. I found out that that building which is a hanger was used in World War II to keep all the dead military personnel.

I used to hate working that graveyard shift.

Caroline, California, USA
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