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The Gray House

Jessica, Texas, USA
April 2007

I am not going to start this story off by saying that I have always been hypersensitive to the unknown or "spirits". I never was, nor was I aware that they even existed before this incident. I was never scared of the dark or even thought about spirits or things that you can't see. Things weren't that way after this. This happened when I was about 16 years old. I was of course living with my parents and we had lived at this house for about 12 years now. Across the street, almost diagonal from our house was a big, one story, gray house. An older couple lived there and they never had any children that grew up in the house with them or pets either. After living there longer than we did, they decided to sell the house. While it was on the market, they were already living somewhere and since I had lived there with them for a few years, they asked me to open the blinds in the daytime so people could see in, and close the blinds at night. So before they left, the opened the blinds for the daytime, came to my house and left me the key.

It was around 9:30pm, just hit dark at the time, and I decided to go over there and close the blinds. Now, like I said before, at the time I was not scared of the dark or anything else. I walked up to the house and put the key in the door. I opened the door...and before I continue, let me describe the layout of the house...when you open the door, if you walk 5 more step, to your right is the opening to the kitchen, if you go 5 more steps, to the left is the hallway containing 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, diagonal from that hallway is the big living room and at the other side of the living room are the sliding doors to the backyard. Also on the right side of the living room are windows, to which you can see my house from there.

Ok...I opened the door and as soon as I stepped a foot inside, I felt claustrophobic. I couldn't breathe. I walked past the kitchen into the living room, which was empty except for a lamp. As soon as I stepped into the the living room I felt like there were 3 presences in the room with me. Not at a distance, but as if they were standing to my right, left and to my heels. Right at my sides. As I moved around the living room, they moved with me as if they were attached. I started panicking and feeling frantic and more claustrophobic. I started to run towards the side windows to close them and they were just there with me. Then I stepped out of the living room into the beginning of the hallway to the bedrooms, and they weren't there anymore. They had left my sides. I felt relieved.

I slowly went into the first bedroom on the left and in there it smelled like a baby, you know, baby powder, fresh and sweet (I remind you they had no kids). Very calm and safe there. I stepped into the 2nd bedroom and closed the windows and that room just felt dark and eerie. I went back into the hallway, and into the entrance of it, and I felt like something was chasing me. It was human like, tall or walking, it was towards the ground and running towards me, doglike. I ran into the kitchen, and that as well felt safe. I closed the kitchen blinds as quickly as I could, and out the front door I went. I don't think I have ever ran that fast in my life before then.

I was so scared as I left that house, paranoid as well. When I got back to my house, my mom could see on my face how terrified I was. I told her what happened there. The next day, there was no way I was going to go into that house. So my mom went and did it for me. When she came back, she said that she felt the same thing. The 3 presences, except they didn't attach to her, they stood at arms length and in a clump, as if they were intimidated by her. I was just glad that I wasn't the only one that felt something full of anger in that house.

I never went back into that house ever again. I am now 22, and I am married and moved out. My parents still live across the street. Over the years several families have lived in that house, no longer than 6 months each. The first was a young couple and their small pooch. They were never seen together, and one night while the lady was home alone, the dog went nuts and attacked her. The dog was a small sized, calm dog. The dog was so out of control that the dog pound had to sedate her to take her. Moved out shortly after. Then, there was a group of college guys, stayed for 4 months with a lease of 12 months. There were several incidents at their parties, that always ended in an ambulance taking someone away. I don't remember who else, but now there is a family, with 3 kids that live there. Probably the longest now. Except, that the 3 kids no longer live there, and the dad sits in his car or the garage with it open to drink, or be away from it all. I just know its because people can't stand to live there because of the bad presences inside.

After this experience, I still can't say that I can see the dead or talk to them. But I am extremely hypersensitive. I can go into a house, sense the good or bad, if any. Touch someone and know them. Know when some things are going to happen. I feel things that you can't see and that some people can't feel. I say its a gift. I hate being in the dark now.

Jessica, Texas, USA
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