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The Grey Lady

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire, UK
May 2011

One time me and my siblings were sitting down with my nana, who lives in Chester. She used to work at Chester City hospital. Here's her story (written in first person):

It was a cold winter night whilst I was working in the hospital, and the snow was up to my knees. I couldn't drive out of the hospital as the snow was far too deep. So we had to stay in the beds there where the night workers were. Me and my friend went up to the rooms. In the room I stayed in, it was said that the Old Matron of the hospital stayed there. I was very tired, so I went straight to sleep. Deeper on in the night I felt my blankets being pulled off. So I pulled them back on, and again, they were pulled off. I turned on my light, and no one was there, so I went down to the night nurses and told them what happened. I thought it was them playing a joke on me, but it wasn't.

So I went back up, expecting it to happen again. But it didn't, so I went back to sleep. Next morning I shared my experience. But after that I forgot.

Legend has it, the matron still roams the hospital and she is said to wear grey clothing, hence she being called The Grey Lady.

After hearing this, me and my siblings were bedazzled. Thank you for reading! This is honestly a true story!

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire, UK
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