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The Growling

Izzy, CA, USA
September 2006

Hello there folks. I am originally from California, although, this story takes place in Bangkok, Thailand.

In July of 2004 my Mother, Stepfather, and I were in Thailand conducting some business. Unfortunately not long after we arrived my Stepfather fell off of a ladder and broke his neck. He was rushed to a nearby hospital in Bangkok. He was admitted and we were told that he would have to stay at the hospital for a few weeks.
We, my Mother and I, felt terrible about the whole situation and promised him we would be back in about a week to stay with him. Well a week later we were moved into the hospital room. The room was very nice and spacious. I had my own TV and bed and everything was going fine. Until, they moved us into a new room. This new room was smaller, but it was cheaper. Right when I walked into the room it didn't feel right. I had the strangest feeling that I had been in that room before. This was impossible being that I had never been to Thailand before that.
I ignored my feeling and started to make myself at home.
The first night there I couldn't sleep at all. Every time I would close my eyes I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched from the bathroom, which was opposite my bed about 8 feet away. My room was especially cold and my Mother admitted later on to me that she did not feel comfortable in that room at all.
I usually stayed up late to talk with the nurses. They were really nice which is typical of Thai people. One nurse would ask me continually "How did you sleep?" I always told her that I slept fine.
The very last night in that room was different. My parents had just fallen asleep and I decided that I would switch the television off and do the same. About ten minutes of laying in the dark I got the strangest sensation. Then the growling started. It was TERRIFYING! It was very low and sounded like a lions roar in slow motion, only, much deeper.
It sounded like a half human-half animal. Then the human voices came swirling around my head. They sounded like they were trying to tell me something. Some voices sounded lost and distant, some were close and very angry. Some sounded like they were coaxing me and some sounded as scared as I did. A lot of the voices were crying uncontrollably.
Now I know where that expression "STIR OF ECHOES" came from. It sounded just like that, all the sounds swirling around my head, getting louder, then just fading away and always coming back again.
I was too scared to move or talk. I was NOT ASLEEP, just petrified. All these voices scared me half to death but "THE GROWLING" topped them all. That "thing" sounded just like a demon. Then the raspy moan came from under my bed. Something was under my bed and trying to get onto my bed!! I heard its LONG fingernails scratching at the side of my bed. I was stuck like this for what seemed like an eternity until my Mother walked to the bathroom and turned on the light. As soon as the light turned on, the whole thing stopped and I shot out of bed like a bullet. I wanted to vomit or somethIng. She walked Into the room and immediately said "Wow! Why is it so cold in here?" I didn't answer. I just grabbed a pillow and slept out In the hallway for the rest of the night.
The next morning I decIded to make an offering to the spirits. In case you are wondering, Buddhists believe that by making an offering of food or other things that spirits cannot enjoy in the afterlife, you will appease their sadness or grief.
Well that morning my Mother went away to do some business so I was alone with my Stepfather, who by the way never left the bed and couldn't do so even if he wanted. I went down to the little street next to the hospital and bought some MOO PING (Barbecue Pork on a stick, I would recommend this if you are ever in Thailand). I came back in the room and put about five sticks off Moo Ping on a plate along with some sticky rice. I placed the plate on the table and said a little prayer. Basically I asked the spirits to forgive us for never offering anything to them and to please enjoy this offering and be at peace. I left the room and entered the bathroom. As soon as I closed the door I heard the dish clanking around violently on the table where I had placed it. I knew that my offering had been accepted.
We left the hospital that day. Before we left the nurse who kept asking me how I had slept the night before told me that the room directly below ours was where they put patients after they had died.
I don't stay in hospitals since that night.
Thanks for reading!

Izzy, CA, USA
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