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The Gypsy Graveyard

January 2004

There is this 'out of the way' graveyard located in Crown Point, Indiana that is often called the Gypsy Graveyard by the residents of Lake County. The name was from a book about hauntings, saying how a group of Gypsies were mistreated by the townspeople and put a curse upon the land where the cemetery currently is.

In October, my father, who is a Gypsy, decided to take a few of my friends and my mother to this site to see if it was really haunted. When we arrived, parked on the opposite side of the street from the graveyard we got out of the car, and noticed it was not really that cold out.

As soon as the five of us entered the cemetery we were hit with this bone chilling feeling, but thought it was only a slight change in the unpredictable fall weather. My father went away from the group toward the back of the cemetery, where the Rom were said to be buried. Meanwhile, my friends and mother looked around. Less than five minutes later my father came back and said that he didn't know why, but this place had a presence that was not in any way good, and he quickly left the small graveyard waiting in the car for us to finish reading the stones. We didn't stay long only until the digital camera was full with all the photos it could take of the place, and finding it both too cold and that feeling that you're being watched we left the graveyard.

We downloaded the photos and spent hours circling faces in the trees and mists near the stones.

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