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The Hall Walker

Amy, Jakarta
December 2011

I’m a thirteen year old girl, and my family and I had just recently moved into an old house. The house used to be my grandparents house but they moved away into another location so the house was empty for years. This house is connected to another house beside it by a long dark hall at the back of these houses.

Before we moved in, my grandfather warned my parents that the both of these houses are occupied by ghosts, but my parents took no notice of it, so we moved in to the oldest house after a month of cleaning and fixing pipes and all that. Me and my sister got a room that has a two big windows. This room is at the back of the house, so if I opened my window, I would directly face the dark, creepy hall. To make it look less scary, my parents placed a light bulb that would automatically light up at night. Personally, the light gave me assurance that nothing was in the creepy hall, but I was soon to be proven wrong.

One night, a few weeks after we moved in, I woke up at 3 am, no particular reason why. I remembered my grandfather warnings, which is to never look at the big window if I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, so I closed my eyes shut and tried to go back to sleep. Minutes passed and I was still awake, so I opened my eyes a tiny bit to look at the window. Never had I regretted my actions as I had that night, because when I peeked, this huge, black figure with long black messy hair was walking in front of my bedroom window! I was screaming inside my head but no voices actually came out of my throat. The figure slowly disappeared within the view of my bedroom window and I woke up my sister, crying with fright. I told my mom and she didn’t believe me, but my dad did, and so did my grandfather.

They blocked both windows the next day so I couldn’t see past the window, but sometimes I would still wake up in the middle of the night and have chills down on my back.

Amy, Jakarta
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