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The Hallway

Linsey, Colorado, USA
March 2007

We moved into our house when I was about four years old. My father had a funny feeling about the house in the beginning, but not enough to keep us from moving in. He felt particularly funny about the hallway which leads to all of our bedrooms.

After we moved into our house, the most dramatic occurrence happened. In the middle of the night my Dad noticed a weird flashing coming from the hallway. He described it as a popping sound and the light as almost a camera flash. He thought that it was probably coming from the kitchen, maybe an electrical thing. So he walked down the hallway and as he reached the end, realized that the light was coming from the hallway itself. There are no lights of any kind in that hallway, so it couldn't be an electrical thing. My parents just waited for it to stop then checked on us kids to make sure we were ok. Then reluctantly fell asleep.

A short while later an electrician came just to make sure everything was as it should be, and everything was perfect. Then the voice started. My father was standing alone in my brothers room when the house was empty. He heard a quick and brief sound behind him, like someone saying a partial word, such as "bah" or "eh" He said he kept turning around then, he would hear it behind him. He knew that there was probably a logical explanation, but he had the overbearing feeling that someone was in there with him.
He had had experiences in the past with spirits, and was rather angry that they kept bothering him. He said in a loud angry voice "get out!" and it stopped.

A while later my mother was sitting alone in our living room, having her nightly tea. She said she started smelling something like toast or something baking. Then she heard a voice coming from the kitchen. Like a man saying a sentence, but really fast and not quite in English. She was rather afraid, but finished her tea, then retreated to her bedroom. My parents then had our preacher come in a bless the house and the occurrences seemed to stop.

In the next few years my parents got a divorce, and my mother stayed in the house while my father moved out. Some years later, when I was a lot older, I was lying in bed when I heard a scratching sound behind me. I sat up then it was behind me again. It kept circling around me and I could never face it, it was always behind me. I tried several things and it would not stop, I was very annoyed and wanted it to stop. I stepped out of bed but it got louder, finally I said "stop" and it ceased. A few weeks later my father was babysitting us while my mother went somewhere. We were lying on the couch when we starting to smell something like toast (the same smell as before) we walked into the kitchen and checked everything. Nothing was on or had been for hours. Then our cat started freaking out, she was meowing profusely and wanted to go downstairs. I figured she needed to use her litter box which was down there. As she ran down the stairs she passed up her litter box, and hid under a blanket. By this point I was rather scared.

A few days later I was sitting in my room, doing homework when I heard male voice say something really fast and then nervously laugh. I was horrified and moved to the living room to finish out my homework. That night I had the overbearing feeling of being watched from the hallway, I had to close my door and lock just to feel comfortable. And I would occasionally get the image in my head of someone who had dark hair and was rather tall. Our cat would always freak out whenever I felt this way. I was pretty horrified by this point.

Later on my mother had a friend in the house and there was a shelf with a small center piece on it. That night I had the feeling that our ghostly visitor did not like this person. As the person was walking down the hall, the shelf all of the sudden fell on them. The T.V. would also sometimes turn on by itself when my mom was in the kitchen, and I would every now and then get that "I'm being watched" feeling and sometimes hear that voice. I was not afraid of this thing in our house, but I knew, that it knew, it wasn't supposed to be there and it should leave.
I turned to religion, I prayed that it would leave and asked it to leave several times. Eventually I got to the point where I was telling it to leave. Now it's actually completely gone. But every now and then I'll have a dream about it,

I'm not entirely sure of the things intentions but I know they were not to necessarily benefit us, but it definitely didn't want to hurt us, me in particular. But either way I'm glad that it's gone.

Linsey, Colorado, USA
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