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The Hallway and Manifestations

Nicholas, CA, USA
April 2004

Hello my name is Nick. I have been going here for 2 years and decided to post my own experience's.

I will tell you about my house. The most particular part of the house is the hallway. It is long and there are doors leading to my room, my brother's room, and my mom's room and the bathroom. The strange thing about the hallway is that I feel this sudden urge to look down it and keep looking until I pass and I can no longer see it, it is as if something wants me to look down it.

Well the first experience is when I had to sleep in my mom's room because I didn't have a bed yet. In the middle of the night I woke up and I saw this flickering thing on the wall. I looked and focused my eyes and it was a tall black figure that seemed to be made of black fire. I sat frozen for a minute and the spirit reached one of it's hand down and touched me. I felt as if cold liquid spread through my body and my eyes burned in a weird way. I was slightly lifted off the bed and I came back down. I sat bolt up-right and I looked for the spirit; but it was gone.

Ever since that experience I have seen more and more things. I have never had knocking on the walls or doors, or things being moved (thank god because we have trouble finding things in our house on our own) or other things like that.

Now I don't believe in witch's and magic and that sort of thing. I do believe however that there are evil spirits, (demons) good spirits, (angels and such) and normal spirits which I think are copies of peoples souls that get left behind when they die.

I think that evil and good spirits can manifest them selves into other shapes, objects and etc. And I have had a few of those. My second happening was about 6 months later after my first, I think I was 6.

Me and my brother David were sleeping on the couches in the living room because of a bed situation, (it happened quite frequently) and I was on the couch situated where my face was facing the wall next to the big picture window. I was just laying there trying to go to sleep when I saw this bird fly in through the window and and hover by the ceiling. I just sat there watching it, I will never forget what it looked like; it was black with blood red eyes (not glowing) and had strange appendages sticking out of the top of it's head that looked like very small horns. it simply sat there watching me, untill I started crying. My mom came into the room and asked me what was wrong, I told her what I saw and she took me into her room and we started reading the bible. We read for a while till I fell asleep on her bed.

Now that was one of my encounters with a manifested spirit I have 2 or 3 others.

My second one was a good spirit. I was at church with my mom and brother, it was Saturday and thats when we go to church. I had wandered off away from the church and got lost. I walked around and I was very scared and wished I was back at church, I started to pray to god to help me find my way back to church. Well 3 minutes later I saw this group of people and they started to walk up to me. Now usually I would know not to talk to strangers but I wasn't scared because it was a nice looking family; there was a little boy in a jersey holding a basketball, a little girl in a purple dress, and a woman with long brown hair, and a man with short brown hair and a yellow shirt. I looked up at them and only the man spoke, "are you lost?" he said. I said yes and told him about the church that I was supposed to be at. Well he and his family took me back to the church and there was my mom standing by the back door looking for me. The man spoke again; "Is this it Nick?" he said I was so happy that I was back that I didn't really notice that he knew my name even though I didn't tell him. I said yes and I turned around to thank him and he and his family were gone.

Now think about it, I would have been scared if it was a single person but it was a group of people, and the woman and children were almost like robots, they didn't say anything and just followed the man and me, and they came right after I prayed.

The next one is a normal spirit encounter and it's kind of short sorry to say.

I had just come home from my friend john's house and I walked through the door and I walked around the wall that is right in front of you when you walk through door and I came to the hallway and there was David standing at the end. I proceeded to go into my room and I looked up at David, just a glance and he said "hi Nick" I thought it was a little odd because he usually doesn't say anything to me (only if he has to) and so I just said "hey Dave" as I went to walk through the door into my room I heard Dave in the bathroom say "what?" I stopped in my tracks color draining from my face I knew there was no way Dave could get into the bathroom that quick, shut the door and turn on the light; it's at the other end of the hallway! (across from my room) I turned to the other Dave in the hallway and he was gone.

The last one I don't know if it was an evil or normal, I certainly knew it wasn't good.

I was home alone, mom was a work, Dave was at a friends house.

I was sitting in the kitchen eating a sandwich and I got up to hop on the computer when I felt the urge to look down the hallway (I always do) and I saw this person who looked like he was in a silver cloak with red rubies covered on it; he walked out of Dave's room and into mom's room, opening the doors as he went. I stopped and stared into the hallway not blinking once, I was so startled that I didn't hear the phone ring for at least 2 minutes after I saw the spirit. I answered the phone; just another stupid telemarketer, and I went back to look into the hallway, and the man was standing there staring straight at me. I can describe him so easily: he had long gray hair a sort of long nose that was slightly crooked and dark dark brown eyes like mine. The most peculiar thing about him was that he had a long silver cloak with rubies on it the size of robin eggs, and he had 2 black ravens on each shoulder. he simply stared at me and then disappeared.

I will end with telling you that I have seen spirits manifest them selves into a Siamese cat, a big black shaggy dog, and a black figure that looked like it was wearing a hat with antler horns sticking out, (it was dark and I couldn't really make it out).

Sorry thats it, no more..well I have a few others, but you'll have to e-mail me to get them.

Nicholas, CA, USA
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