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The Hand Print (2)

September 2000

Every time I get out of the shower (for the past week this has been happening) there is this hand print on the mirror. Its always over my sink and not over my brothers. Its about the size of my hand and is too small to be my brothers. Its really weird because you know how when you put your hand on a fogged up mirror and parts of the fog are gone? well with this hand print, the fog is thicker than the rest of the mirror. What ever I do to it, it comes back. I've tried water to wipe it away but it comes back. Once the mirror is defogged, its gone. The other weird thing is at the bottom of the hand print, it looks like something is dripping off of it.

Today though when I got out of the shower, I took my hair dryer and put it up to the hand print. When I moved it away (and started blow drying my hair) I heard a pop and the hand print was gone.

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