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The Hand That Came Out of Nowhere

Texas, USA
April 1998

I myself have NEVER had anything unusual happen to me and I still find myself a little skeptical, but ever since I can remember, my cousin Ida has always had a story for me....

My cousin has lived in the same town up until she got married 4 years ago and she has lived in many different houses and in each one I have always felt a bit uncomfortable, you know, the kind that if you stayed there alone would give you the creeps. Anyway, when Ida and her sister were still living in their parents' house they shared a full size bed and one night Ida slept with her feet to the headboard and her sister the regular way. Suddenly one night she woke up to someone stroking here hair, half awake she raised her hand to brush it away and she swears to me that when she did that she felt a hand, or skin. Terrified, she woke up her sister and asked her where her hands were and Pat touched her on the legs telling her they were right by her side... Another time Ida and Pat were asleep and when their father gets up from bed, his joints pop, so one night the girls heard their father get up and they heard some dishes being moved around in the kitchen, but moments after hearing the noise, they heard their father snoring....this was the first time anyone other than Ida had heard or seen anything, Ida is always the only one who experiences these things. I have a few more stories, but I will probably submit those later.

Texas, USA
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